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Analyzing Love In The Scarlett Pimpernel By Baroness Orczy

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Webster's Dictionary says, "Love is an affection based on admiration, benevolence, or common interest." The Scarlet Pimpernel, written by Baroness Orczy, emphasizes three different basic kinds of love. Chauvelin and his troops reveal the devotion of one's true love of their county vastly. Moreover, the moving bond between a brother and sister is one of a kind. Those particular times when you and your sibling feel affection for each other remain very erratic, even in this century. Even so, the most distinguished love today remains as the admiration of human beings toward each other. These three types of love are shown in everyday life. This novel consists of an individual’s unfathomable affection for his country, a charming adoration between two siblings, and the hidden love between a man and his wife.

Loving you country shows patriotism, but exceeding patriotism can lead to inhumane acts. Throughout the book, the Chauvelin's love for France was overwhelming, but greatly distorted. Incredibly, Chauvelin would have willing died, just for the victory towards the French. A person like Chauvelin will go to extreme measures for the safety and sake of his kingdom. Interestingly, the book states on page 74, “He was blindly enthusiastic for the revolutionary cause, he despised all social inequalities, and he had a burning love for his own country.” With an open imagination, readers can picture the Chauvelin as someone who stood straight, walk with a swift pace in his step, and completed each mission for his country with great discern, promptness, and loyalty. Obviously, this man held a great love and patriotism for his country.

Along with a patriotism kind of love, the heart-quenching portrayal of two siblings and their childhood love for each other shine a new kind of love throughout the book. Evidently, Marguerite and her brother, Armand St. Just, possessed a brother and sisterly adoration for each other. On page 40, Orczy describe Marguerite’s love for him as, “deep and touching in the extreme.” Likewise, Armand felt the same, since page 44 states, “Armand St. Just had allowed her to speak on without interruption: he listened to her…It was terrible to see a young and beautiful woman…bereft of...

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