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Analyzing My Personality Essay

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A Second Personality:
Not an ESTJ but an ENFP
My scores were very surprising to me, I scored very high on the Conscientiousness and Emotional Stability and my lowest score was in the Openness to Experience, which I thought was very accurate as I do find myself to be conventional. According to the “Big Five model” it is a measure of one’s reliability; also having a high score such as I did it says that I am responsible, organized and dependable (Robbins & Judge, p. 108).
My personality score was an ENFP, I thought of myself more as an ESTJ. According to the Jungian 16 – Type Personality test, I am an Extrovert, Intuitive, Feeler, and Perceiver. I am also learned that I do in fact have a Type –A personality scoring a 111, meaning that I prefer to work alone rather on teams, and prefer a routine. I scored very high on job satisfaction, which was right on the mark, I love being a United States Marine.
For the motivation insights I had a high growth needs, which can be interrupted as being unsatisfied, which would be true as a Marine you want to work your way up the rank structure. Whereas my existence needs were super low, meaning I feel what I do as a chosen profession has satisfied my existence. I do have a desire to excel and improve upon past performance as my achievement score suggest. Am I procrastinator? According to the personality test I am not, I found this difficult to believe as I find myself postponing task sometime all too often until the last minute. However, I believe the test is accurate as sometimes I act prematurely and wish to take back my actions.
My ethics were equal to the social norm meaning there was no stand out scores. I had an average Emotional Intelligence (EI) score, according to Robbins & Judge, a high EI score means that you are self-aware, recognize emotions in others, and able to manage emotional cues (p. 264). I was not surprised to see that I am a morning person, as for the past 18 years I have been forced to wake up at 0500 in the morning to start military training. We have a saying in the Marines that we do more by 0700 in the morning than most people do all day.
My scores on communication skills are not impressive, which would correlate to my preferring to work alone as my Type –A personality suggest. I always knew that I was not a good listener, as my wife can attest to that trait.
I always considered myself to be a strong leader; I have had troops say that they will follow me anywhere. In the Marines we have a concept that we live by, “Mission Accomplishment” first and “Troop Welfare” second (Beck), so not to anyone’s surprise I scored high on concern for task and low on concern for people. What surprised me the most was how high I scored on the power-orientation test, I didn’t think I was a power monger, and to manipulate my coworkers to get what I wanted (according to the test). I never considered that I have political attributes; I feel this...

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