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Karta Technologies, Inc. is a San Antonio, Texas-based technology and professional services firm that was acquired by NCI Information Systems, Inc. in June 2007. Karta Technologies prior to this purchase was grown from a one-man operation to a 400 - 500 organization. Karta Technologies has published over 50 technical papers and numerous reports related to power plant maintenance and operations, and holds six-patents.This paper will discuss the databases within Karta Technologies; including the database applications used proposing the suggested improvements for such applications. While working in the Accounting and Contracts Department, I had the opportunity to work with the company's integrated database called Deltek."Deltek is the leading provider of enterprise applications software that is built specifically for project-focused businesses" (Deltek, 2008). Deltek is known for providing databases that work with government contracting and consulting to architecture and engineers. "Deltek provides software solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of project-driven business while providing software applications and solutions for more than 12,000 organizations" (Deltek, 2008).While working for Karta, I worked as the Senior Accounting Clerk that was responsible for entering in new contracts. I set up these new projects, assigning project numbers for each in one area and then went to another version of Deltek to enter the Time and Materials (T&M) information or Firm Fixed Price (FFP) information for payroll purposes. Once the project was set-up successfully, the project folder was then sent over to our Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for review and approval. After the project folder was executed, the folder was sent over to Purchasing to ensure that this department did not need to do anything with any requisition purchases, during or prior to the project start date. Upon review and approval from the purchasing department, the project folder went over to the Contracts Department where the folder was managed for financial management and compliance to the executed agreement on file.The problem with this process was that Deltek was not as user friendly as many had hoped. The program was thought to provide us with the information needed to manage projects more efficiently and profitably for all aspects of the project. Deltek was to allow us to, "create a completely integrated, end-to-end solution providing us with the exact functionality the company needed such as accounting, project management, time and attendance, expense management, payroll, recruiting and business management" (Deltek, 2008. This was not the case.The one thing that worked well for the Accounting department was that we were capable of successfully setting up projects and adding budget information and project information under the project number assigned without any problems. We were also capable of conducting payables through the database successfully posting the invoices...

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