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Analyzing Organization Culture On Lincoln Electric Company

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The Lincoln Electric Company is the world’s largest manufacturer of welding machines and electrodes. The Lincoln incentive management plan has been well known for many years. There are many specific organizational cultural characteristics at the Lincoln Electric Company. For the attitude toward the customer, it’s clearly stated that Lincoln’s goal is “to build a better and better product at a lower and lower price.” Also Lincoln said that “It is obvious that customer’s interests should be the first goal of industry” For the attitude towards stakeholders, a continuation of James Lincoln’s philosophy is that “the last group to be considered is the stakeholders who own stock because they think it will be more profitable than investing money in any other way.” Concerning division of the largess produced by incentive management, Lincoln writes, “The absentee stockholder also will get their share, even if underserved, out of the greatly increased profit that the efficiency produces.” For the attitude towards unionism, Lincoln’s idea of the correct relationship between workers and managers is shown by the comment “Labor and management are properly not warring camps; they are parts of one organization in which they must and should cooperate fully and happily”. For the beliefs and assumptions about employees, it is
the Lincoln attitude toward employees that if money is to be used as an incentive, the program must provide that what is paid to the worker is what he has earned. The earnings of each must be in accordance with accomplishment.
In terms of workers performance and attitudes on manufacturing operations, the typical Lincoln employee earns about twice as much as other factory workers in the Cleveland area. Each worker is proceeding busily and thoughtfully about his task. The supervisors are busy with planning and record-keeping duties and hardly glance at the people they supervise. The manufacturing procedures appear efficient, no unnecessary steps, no wasted...

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