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Analyzing Performance Review Of Employees By The Organization

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Analyzing Performance Review of Employees by the Organization

As part of the Business Management 2 Module of the BA (Hons) Business
Studies Degree I am required to critically evaluate the extent to
which my employer, The Organisation, reviews the performance of its
employees and suggest ways in which this might be improved. For this
purpose I will evaluate the specific areas of the performance
management framework employed by my employer focusing particularly on
appraisal interview and training and development policies. I will
attempt to identify their strengths and weaknesses and assess their
effectiveness with the overall performance management system.

Armstrong and Baron (1998) in discussing performance management
systems said that in recent years they have become a valuable tool in
providing an integrated and continuous approach to managing
performance. The use of such systems can be traced back to Taylor in
the early 20th Century when they were used as a means to justify
individual employee wage increases at a time when it was felt that
money was the only incentive required for an employee to improve or
continue to perform well.

The recognition of the potential of Performance Management Systems as
a tool for motivation and development was one the most important
developments in Human Resource Management.


Robert Bacal (1999) defined Performance Management as

"an ongoing communication process, undertaken in partnership, between
an employee and his or her immediate supervisor that involves
establishing clear expectations and understanding about the jobs to be


Performance Management Systems are a means of communicating and
reinforcing the organisation's corporate objectives and incorporating
these into departmental and individual goals. They provide a platform
where expectations and views can be shared between managers and staff.

Armstrong (2001) stated that Performance Management Systems are a
continuous and evolutionary process, in which performance improves
over time. The success of these systems relies on consensus and
cooperation between management and staff rather than control or
coercion. If an organisation's appraisal system is effective this will
encourage self-management of individual performance, however, such a
system will require a management style that is open and honest and
encourages two-way communication between superiors and subordinates.
Continuous feedback from management is essential as well as
measurement and assessment on all performance against agreed goals.


The Organisation is a public sector organisation and is the local
authority for a rural district. The District has...

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