Analyzing Made In Bangkok By Anthony Minghell

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In Made in Bangkok, Anthony Minghella presents an accurate depiction of the sexualized gender notions that are the foundation and base for the society of Thailand. In this play, Minghella produces an accurate window into the cultural norms that have not only propelled the commercial sex industry, but have also indirectly created an environment in which the objectification and exploitation of human beings can occur. The continual reference to the commercial sex industry displays not only the normalness of the trade, but also the vital role the industry plays in enhancing and improving the economy of the country. The pervasiveness of this industry not only augments the sexualization of the female body, but also projects the notion of sex to be an implicit right in society. In addition, Minghella accurately describes the effects of how by erecting social constructions on gendered schemes and the commoditization of the female body, can leave men with the impression that the domination of these “objects” is essential to the fulfillment of their gender role. Furthermore, It is evident from the play that the cultural traditions and gendered social construction of Thailand have systemically restricted the notion of the abstract citizen from the female population, limiting the possibility for them to garner their inherent rights and privileges from the government. In addition, through the silent acceptance of the commercial sex industry by the society, the notion of citizenship has been limited and restricted for the female participants in the sex industry. Consequently, the inability to include women as full-fled citizens of Thailand conjoined with the normative conception of the female body as an object to be bought and bartered has reduced the ability for foreign agents to effectively create and implement anti-trafficking awareness campaigns in the country. By relying upon the importance of the traditional and customary norms of Thailand, Minghella presents a snapshot of the detrimental effects these customs can have on the social status of women, as their physical bodies are objectified and status in society diminished, their ability to use their citizenship as an agency for change is stripped and lessened.
The concept of abstract citizen stems from the notion that each individual is born as citizens of different countries forming an agreement with a government in which the adherence to the laws of the country, will grant the citizens protection and just allocation of their rights. Abstract citizens not only have an entitlement to their civil and human rights but also a responsibility to live in accordance to the law of their land. In addition, this notion of an abstract citizen is an essential facet in the construction and creation of nationhood (“National Brands/National Body”). During the transformation process of a nation, citizens also undergo a conversion as they take possession of a new body, a new identity dependent on the suppression of...

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