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Analyzing The Affects Of Computer Implementation In Pharmacies

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Analyzing the Affects of Computer Implementation in Pharmacies
Marcus Orofino


Pharmacists have implemented systems to attempt to cut back on mishaps but they are still very prevalent in the field. The implementation of computers into pharmacy has lessened human error because it breaks down complex processes, allowing the worker to concentrate on one task at a time.
The opportunities from implementing computers into pharmacies are great. Computers allow tasks to be streamlined and automated which creates a more efficient working environment. Every day there are many routine and repeated tasks that can be done better by computers rather than workers. Third party billing to insurance companies has been greatly improved, allowing the collaboration of the insurance companies and pharmacies. Computers also increase communication, instead of calling the insurance company to verify a claim submission; workers now submit an electronic claim. Numerical values are much more accurate than spoken word because numeric’s have a set value that does not change. This factor is important to take into consideration because it cuts down on miscommunication. The integration of computer systems in a retail pharmacy saves time and money for workers, patients, and everyone involved in the pharmaceutical industry.
The purpose of this report is to investigate the impact computers have had in pharmacies.

Implementation of Computers into the Pharmacy
Computers were an important addition to pharmacies primarily because it cut down on human error and increased efficiency of the job. Before the implementation of computers everything was much more complicated to accomplish a task. Data entry was very different involving a worker typing the desired medication and directions on a typewriter . They then would put the direction on a vial, count the medication, and then log the patient information to be submitted to the insurance company. This was a major issue before computers and pharmacies would wait months for compensation from the insurance companies. If a patient was not covered by the insurance company the pharmacy would have to foot the bill. With the invention of the Internet it allowed pharmacies to record costumer information for their insurance and bill it instantly to the insurance company. This benefits the pharmacy because they get paid instantly for the medicine that they are dispensing that day and it also checks to make sure that a patient is covered. Computers have made modern billing possible by automating many of the complicated tasks which were once required. With the submission of...

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