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Audi introduced and made by hard work of German auto makers. German auto makers have two best cars Audi and BMW that they sell all around the world. They have made a lot of different versions of Audi such as sport version, suv version, and standard version. This is two seated car which consider sport version. In the United States everyday a lot of people read news and purchase price for car before they buy it. Some people get encouraged to buying a car by see advertisement on television. That is why car dealers show car’s advertisement on television to spread their car business. Audi wolverine is one of the beautiful and luxurious car which attract peoples to its beauty. Audi successfully convince car buyers to believe that by driving one of their car would be good personality in society. People always buy new product by seeing advertise either on television or on the internet such as buying a car. Now days advertiser has started to show more about love and emotion in advertise, because peoples are started making their decision on love and emotion and that is why new advertise does not providing that much information that it used to have in past four five decades. According to Cord Jefferson, “in the ‘50s, 60s and maybe all the way into the ‘70s, ad films were emphasizing information. But then, over time, researchers realized that human being make decision more on emotion and relationships than information” (par. 12). Audi r8 wolverine is a luxury car and it is selling its physical beauty and identity with its logo. People cannot see beauty of Audi r8 wolverine in the daylight, but it always seen in night while riding in the street. While riding the luxury car on the street we can see their emotion and expression of their hard work and it give them a different feelings and energy. According to Ching Yee, “Emotions provide the energy for a reactive behavior with the possibility of delaying and thereby controlling the actual response” (par. 6). Audi wolverine has the same front grille as any other Audi and the shape looks somehow similar to Audi TT or another versions of Audi car. In racing people like to use sport version of Audi car. One interesting photo to consider is an advertisement for Audi Wolverine for audiences, which contain three important visual elements color, objects/setting, and text which help the company and dealers to sell cars to customers.
The first element is color which include all colors that shown in this image. In this picture there is a lot of dark color and light colors which describe individual emotions or mood. There is an Audi car in image with warm black color and it is describing emotion of purity and spirituality. On the car’s front glass there is cool silver color borderline which describe magical and spirituality emotion. Behind the car there is some dark blue which describe emotion of depression and light blue describe emotion of sadness. The car dealers always chose appropriate colors which suit their car...

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