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Analyzing The Case Study Of A College Student Having A Very Bad Trip By:Nicole Page

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AbstractThis paper assesses the behavior of a 19-year-old college sophomore who began using large amounts of crack cocaine because he was feeling stressed-out over his final exams. Kris began having delusional beliefs that he was being followed by a detective that was hired by his parents. He also thought that his roommate was a hostile spy who had been observing his actions and reporting them to the college president. When Kris threatened to hurt his roommate, the campus security was called, and Kris was brought to the emergency room. During his emergency room evaluation, Kris reported sleeplessness and auditory hallucinations that keep suggesting that he blow up the registrars office. He ...view middle of the document...

..Page 9: References.Is this abnormal behavior?Kris's substance abuse is considered abnormal throughout many cultures. Individuals who use cocaine are normally looked down upon by much of society. Since crack cocaine is illegal, users are considered criminals. Crack often causes users to commit further crimes such as stealing, in order to obtain more of the substance. Crack-cocaine user is in withdrawal of the drug, they are liable to do anything to obtain more crack. Kris, at the time of his hospitalization, was in the early phases of this substance abuse, and he was using the drug in hopes to relieve the stress he was feeling from college. The specific case of Kris's crack abuse may not be considered normal behavior, but it is not uncommon for college students to experiment with crack or powder cocaine 1. Kris may or may not have continued the use of the drug after his hospitalization, but he was headed down the path of being an outcast from society due to his substance abuse and abnormal behavior.Although Kris's behavior is not acceptable by today's generation, in previous generations, cocaine use was extremely popular. In pre-Columbian times the coca leaf was officially reserved for Inca royalty. The natives used coca for mystical, religious, social, nutritional and medicinal purposes. The active ingredient in the coca plant, originally called "Erythroxyline," was introduced in 1855 by the German Chemist Friedrich Gaedcke. Later, the drug was renamed "cocaine." It could be bought over the counter until 1916. It was used in tonics, toothache cures, and patent medicines. One fast selling product, Ryno's Hay Fever and Catarrh Remedy, for stuffy noses, consisted of 99.9 percent pure cocaine 2. Coca-Cola was first introduced by John Pemerton in 1886; it contained cocaine laced syrup and caffeine 3. Even Sigmund Freud was an early enthusiast of this drug; he wrote a song about the substance which he referred to as a magical drug. He prescribed it to his patients, friends and family, he also practiced extensive self- experimentation. In 1912 the U.S government reported 5,000 Cocaine related fatalities in one year, but the drug wasn't outlawed until 1970, when the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act was passed 3. The above stated information proves that cocaine use was not abnormal behavior in earlier generations.Kris didn't seem to think his behavior was abnormal. He started using crack because he was feeling stressed out about his final exams for college. His delusional beliefs were quite real according to himself. After waking up in the hospital after three days of medication-induced sleep, he told his parents he was fine. When confronted by his parents about his hospital visit, he said he didn't remember anything that happened. Kris's parents were in complete denial of the situation, even when a drug screening for cocaine came back positive. They thought the doctors were overreacting 7, which probably means that Kris didn't seek...

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