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Analyzing The Effective Growth Of Population In Alberta

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It is difficult to presume what would happen if one day Alberta’s population has the lowest average of population expansion ? As Johnston and Maclennan (2008) indicate, “Alberta’s population growth continued to be the highest among all provinces” (para. 1). At the same time, fast development of urban areas, stable economy and oil reserves attract newcomers to move the province of Alberta. In addition, the government of Alberta takes all possible measures to increase the quality of life and develop health facilities for all population groups. Furthermore, Alberta’s population expectations observe the significant changes in the future birth rates, which play very important role for the community growth.
The purpose of this paper is to analyze the effective growth of population in Alberta. Firstly, the report will focus on changes in population in twentieth first century. Secondly, research paper will demonstrate the importance of health in the inhabitant’s growth in this province. Finally, it will observe predictions on population expansion in Alberta for the next hundred years.
Demographic Situation Change
First of all, one of the significant analyses about population growth in Alberta, Canada how it has been change in last hundred years. For instance, demographic situation has been forming from interprovincial and international migration. In the publication: Alberta Population Projections, by Census Division, 2010-2050. (2010), thru the times past, the province of Alberta has the highest resident's growth rates in the Canada. During the 1972-2009 population has been raised almost double, 2.1 %. In other words, this numbers appear that Canada is the very popular country in the world for newcomers to stay and grow their family.

Over the last thirty years, interprovincial migration to this province was urbanized very rapidly because of stable economic system, business investments into a job market and very significant oil recourses. On the other hand, international migration, not included non-permanent residents, returned emigrants, was considering is the very high in contrast of the other countries. In general, most of the immigrants decide to move to the large and developed city. Furthermore, stable job market and secure Canadian embassies give a chance to newcomers to move to Alberta. For instance, as a publication Alberta Population Projections, by Census Division, 2010-2050 (2010) related ”For the period between 2000 and 2009, Calgary at 59% and Edmonton at 29% accounted for almost 90% of the total net international migration to Alberta”(p.30).
Despite the fact that immigration to Canada controlled by assigned immigration law, every year Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) publicize a level of total newcomers for each province. To summarize, the government of Canada make a decision how many immigrants in each area needs and organizing the rank of population growth in each province.
Importance of Health
Because demographic...

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