Analyzing The Use Of Databases In The Workplace

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Analyzing the use of databases in the workplaceUniversity of PhoenixCIS/319May 1, 2007Analyzing the use of databases in the workplaceA database stores keyed information in an organized and accessible manner. The size and capacity of databases can vary widely, from a small database used by an individual to file phone numbers, to an extremely large enterprise database that stores several gigabytes of information accessed by thousands of individuals. Databases are essential for almost every company in today's business world. Database can help us keep track of, inventory, billing, pay role, phone numbers and much more. Lacking the use of databases, work will take longer to accomplish. Another wonderful feature about having a database in place is that a record of all transitions can be kept for analyzing purposes.In this paper I am going to discuss about the database and software used in my construction company. Oracle database is a multi platform database, meaning it can run efficiently on any operating system and this makes Oracle flexible and more secure when compared to its competitors. Our Oracle database is running on a Sun server, using the Sun Solaris enterprise operating system. Oracle databases are an enterprise database system, only medium and large companies would need an enterprise database. Oracle Corporation uses RDBMS rational database management systems to maintain all data within the organization. Various data items can be organized according to their relationships with each other, such as the relationship of Employee name and Employee ID, rational databases give Oracle a great deal of flexibility when describing the relationship between data elements. Oracle follows Dr.Cobbs 12 rules on how a true RDBMS should be evaluated. The following are Cobb's 12 rules.1. Information is represented logically in tables.2. Data must be logically accessible by table, primary key, and column.3. Null values must be uniformly treated as "missing information," not as empty strings, blanks, or zeros.4. Metadata (data about the database) must be stored in the database just as regular data is.5. A single language must be able to define data, views, integrity constraints, authorization, transactions, and data manipulation. [Typically this is SQL.]6. Views must show the updates of their base tables and vice versa.7. A single operation must be able to retrieve, insert, update, or delete data.8. Batch and end-user operations are logically separate from physical storage and access methods.9. Batch and end-user operations can change the database schema without having to recreate it or the applications built upon it.10. Integrity constraints must be available and stored in...

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904 words - 4 pages for databases is the heart of running the business. The databases we use hold all information about the daily transactions and important customer information. I will discuss some of the major databases we use. Databases are designed to offer an organized mechanism for storing, managing, and retrieving information ( In the IT department, we use several types of databases from Microsoft Access to the server based SQL server

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1084 words - 4 pages more. Without the use of databases, work will take infinity longer to accomplish. Many advancements and improvements have been made in databases. They have improved them to the point that they are in use in almost every business. Databases have become a common place from the costly server based applications to the common place client based software like Microsoft Access.References:database. (n.d.). The American Heritage® New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, Third Edition. Retrieved April 16, 2007, from website:

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850 words - 3 pages , but also keeps track of new leads for solicitation. One of the secondary databases used is the "C-II" database, which is the old program used for everything but is now retired to the newer Vision database. The final database management system used is the new "Mortgage Serve" system, which is still being worked on and does not currently have all of the old accounts, only the new ones that have been opened since its release.Current Use of database

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2399 words - 10 pages harassment occurs in the workforce. In this most cases, "Male victims are less likely then female victims to receive a sympathetic ear, for people tend to find their situations humorous." (Duffy, A., Glenday, D., Henslin, M.J., Pupo, N. 2002. Pg182.) Somewhat conversely here, women's voices are heard and taken more seriously than men in the same situation. It has been proven that "the main victims of sexual harassment in the workplace are black women

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886 words - 4 pages field - server-based databases. These systems have become household names due to the great opportunities they offer organizations to manage large amounts of data quickly, efficiently and in a manner that enables many users to access and update the data simultaneously. If you're able to meet the hefty price tag, a server-based database can provide you with a comprehensive data management solution.The benefits achieved through the use of a server

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605 words - 2 pages . You do not need to re-key any of the student's information.As businesses continue to evolve around technology there becomes a need for continued enhancement and upgrading. Some of the needed improvements for my workplace include:Looking up a student at more than one workstation simultaneously.Java Base Application SystemWeb browser interfaceAccessible from the internetDrop down menusPop up windowsRadio ButtonsFill in boxesAs I complete this paper I have come to realize how complex databases are and how essential they are to the business world. Without the use of a database, we would go back to a very wasteful paper world.

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890 words - 4 pages result, they also will have to make several phone calls and rely on faxes to accomplish a simple task. Since they do use a database, their employees are able to have access to information instantly. This paper highlights the three databases that their company uses: GoldMine, Macromedia Dreamweaver, and Microsoft Excel.They require the use of GoldMine for maintaining customer contact information. This information includes customer name, phone number

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702 words - 3 pages retrieve information from. One can imagine what life would be without a database. Without the database the company would have to revert to the manual way of tracking, which would be paper. The use of database at ZaidCorp Tech aids in the productivity and growth of the organization. The SQL and the oracle database were customized to suit the specific needs of the organization. The database is the quickest and most convenient way to share information.The