Analyzing The Market Of Mp4 Player And Replying Consultation Of Whether The Company (Toshiba Assumption) Should Sell The Mp4 Player.

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1. Terms of ReferenceEver-high-heated, unsocial MP4 multimedia player seems to be on the spotlight all of a sudden. Not only the global MP4 founder, French Archos beefs up promotion to its flagship AV400, and also other known digital vendors active in Chinese market like Samsung Electronics, MSI, Zarva Digital, and iRiver have successively released their own MP4 multimedia MP4 players. ( At present, MP4 player looks to be the star featuring most vogue and eye-catching elements.The frog leap from portable audio player to portable video player indicates MP4 player is doomed to boom. Meanwhile, challenges from price, content and alternative products are unavoidable. The purpose of the report is to assess the continued viability of MP4 player in a volatile digital market.2. ProceduresIn order to make this report a fortiori objective, there is a SWOT Analysis made for MP4 player. The purpose of this analysis is to find out the status quo of MP4 player. The following are some parts of the analysis that refer to this report. Most of the information in this report was derived from CCID Consulting Corporation. The major findings of the survey were conducted by CCID Consulting in November 2005.3. Findings3.1 StrengthsMore attentionNot only the global MP4 founder, French Archos beefs up promotion to its flagship AV400, and also other known digital vendors active in Chinese market like Samsung Electronics, MSI, Zarva Digital, and iRiver have successively released their own MP4 multimedia MP4 players.( and portableMP4 player can be brought anywhere because its size is small enough to put in one's pocket.More useful than MP3MP4 player is fundamentally the global file extension for the official container format defined in the MPEG_4 standard (ISO 14496_14). This is stream able and supports all kinds of multimedia content and advanced content like 2D and 3D animated, etc.As so many corporations join the MP4 player market, more people will know what MP4 player is and for the advantages of MP4 player, such as small and portable, can be used as pocketing DVD player and has high quality of listening music, it will sell like hot cakes.3.2 WeaknessesExpensiveBut now the mainstream MP4 multimedia players are still priced above RMB 4,000, and even high-end products like Archos are staged at RMB 6,000 that is obviously a peer price to most consumers.( picture quality than DVDMPEG_4 file's picture quality is not as clear as DVD's.Learned from the process of widespread of MP3 in recent years, explosive growth in consumer electronics market is based on dropping price to ordinary consumers' psychological level. But now the mainstream MP4 multimedia players are still at a peer price to most consumers. Due to some technology problems, presently there is...

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