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Analyzing The Marketing Of Rehabilitation Goods & Services And The Dis

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The Marketing of Rehabilitative Goods and Services by Gary L. Albrecht was written with the intention of giving its reader a better understanding of who has the most to gain in the business of rehabilitative services. One position states that the institutions benefit most, while others feel it is the consumer who has the most to gain. The main controversy discussed in this article is the usage of marketing strategies for rehabilitative health care institutions to increase sales and raise profit margins on service that was once provided pro bono. Another concern is with the amount of new equipment and ever changing standards of rehabilitation. Are consumers well enough informed or educated into making the proper decisions as to what care they need? Also, how do the poor, elderly, disenfranchised, and those who cannot afford healthcare receive treatment? Are patients receiving the best possible care for their ailments; or are they being exploited? These are the dilemmas on the issue of rehabilitative goods and services. The Disability Wars by Timothy Kenney describes the nightmare of becoming physically disabled to the point where one can no longer work and care for their family. It also talks about the hardships of and problems brought about through the use of medical benefits and collection of social security. Both articles will now be analyzed more closely and possible resolutions to each of these issues, marketing of rehabilitation goods and services, and the disability wars will be discussed.
     The main issue with the marketing of rehabilitative goods and services deals with, the new wave of marketing strategies and promotional ideas implemented to increase sales and profits of the health care institutions. This rehabilitative service, which was once provided to those in need pro bono, is now recognized as a commodity. Due to the increase in the elderly population and the popularity of sport, there are more people with disabilities than ever before. Thus an influx in the supply and demand has been created and the market for rehabilitative services exists. With more patients than the normal health care provider can care for, new institutions are being erected all across America with their sole purpose in rehabilitating the disabled. One such facility is the Rush-Presbyterian St. Luke’s Medical Center in Chicago. This medical center built a facility strictly dealing in sports medicine near Chicago stadium. They also lobbied the city of Chicago to have their professional franchises, like the Chicago Bulls and Bears, to build a multiplex just across the street from the sports medicine center, which would provide sporting fun and shopping. Once in place, the medical center can then lure famous athletes like Michael Jordan to their facility. This causes hero worship, which will bring even more people to the facility for treatment because individuals will have a higher regard for the quality of care being rendered and...

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