Analyzing The Meaning Of Honesty And Dishonesty In Society

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“Honesty is the best policy,” this well know statement not even followed by it’s preachers nowadays holds close to no value in the minds of most today. Honesty seems to have faded to the back of our minds allowing us to forget of its importance and find justification in every lie we tell, and not until a lie generates a negative effect will it be deemed unjustified and immoral.Truth throughout time has been deemed highly respected and at times in small anecdotes able to save someone’s life. In the story of Joseph, the boy with a robe of many colors, betrayed by his brothers and sold, believes his brothers are lying when they, pleading for grain to feed all their family, tell him of all their family including their youngest brother. Joseph, then second-in-command to Pharaoh, also the youngest in their family as he recalls, so "On the third day Joseph said to them, ‘Do what I say and your lives will be spared, for I am a godfearing man: if you are honest men, only one of you brother shall be kept in prison, while the rest of you may go and take grain for your starving households; but you must bring your youngest brother to me. In this way your words will be proved true, and you will not die’" (Genesis 42: 18-20) With this they left and they did come back with their youngest brother, as it appears another had been born after Joseph was betrayed and sold. This depicts the importance of truth in some cultures. Truth can do so much as to save someone’s life. Truth can be found vitally important in most cultures however it is easily disregarded.I overheard a conversation once in which the words “truth is the cornerstone of any successful relationship,” were mentioned. Intrigued I wondered which type of relationship they were discussing and if it pertained to, or held true, in a parent/child relationship. Take a three year old child whose beloved pet dog has just been run over. This child approaches his mother and asks for the whereabouts of his dog. His mother determines her child to be too young to learn of death. Instead, she decides to tell him the dog has been taken to a farm where it will be happy and better off. Would the truth ten be essential in this relationship? The mother seems to simply bend truth to what will benefit her. Her dishonesty will be disregarded at the time since it seems to not cast any negative effect over anyone; the mother lives on more at ease knowing she has escaped a very difficult conversation and the child will sleep better at night thinking his dog is safe and happy.Ancient Greek tragedies seem to be filled with countless examples in which truth remains...

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