Analyzing The Possible Expansion Of Swifts' Boutique

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Analyzing the retail sales for the possible city involved in the new expansion report is another significant factor in figuring out which site would be best for Swifts’ Boutique. Not only do the retail sales in general need to be researched, but the retail sales pertaining specifically to the clothing stores also needs to be researched. To take it even further we will be looking at the overall expenditures for each county in just Apparel, and then taking it another step further looking into just Female Apparel. Then finally ending with the Women’s and Girls’ Clothing Statistics for each county. Table Nine below illustrates these statistics.
In 2008, based on County information from Demographics USA, Washtenaw, the county in which Ann Arbor, MI resides, had Retail Sales totaling $4,792,486,000, of that total; $188,352,000 was from Clothing and Clothing Accessories Stores. Washtenaw also had annual sales of $749,074,000 for Just Apparel and $257,358,000 for exclusively just Female Apparel. Finally $155,768,000 in sales for just Women’s and Girls’ Clothing. The city of Lincoln, NE is in Lancaster County. The total Retail Sales for this county in 2008 was $4,373,796,000. Of that total $245,189,000 was from sales at Clothing and Clothing Accessories Stores. Just the Apparel section totaled at $490,988,000, and Female Apparel totaling at $169,705,000. Finally just Clothing for Women and Girls’ is totaling at $218,360,000. Dane County, Madison, WI’s county, had $8,705,755,000 in total Retail Sales. Dane County totaled $398,278,000 in the sales of Clothing and Clothing Accessories. Also in just Apparel they totaled $949,900,000 in sales and $332,915,000 in sales exclusively for Female Apparel. Lastly, Clothing for women and Girls’ Apparel is at $382,503,000 (Claritas N. , 2008)
As of 2004, from the book Cities Ranked and Rated, Ann Arbor, MI had a sales tax rate of 6% and an income tax rate of 4.4%. Lincoln, NE had a sales tax of 7% and an income tax rate of 6.68%. Madison, WI had a sales tax of 5.5% and an income tax rate of 6.93%. The national average sales tax rate in 2004 was 6.474% and the average income tax rate was at 4.625%. (Sander, 2004)
Location and Description
Ann Arbor, MI is located near the Huron River. The town has a pleasant small- town, home like atmosphere with college-style restaurants, shopping centers, and entertainment. Home prices are almost double that of the rest of the state, and cost of living is above the national average. Summers are warm and humid but rarely unbearably hot, with occasional thundershowers. Winters there are the same as the rest of the state but also unpleasant compared to the rest of the nation. Average high temperature in July is 83.4⁰F, and the low is January is 17.3⁰F. Compared to the national temperature of 86.7⁰F for a high in July and the average low temperature in January is 26.4⁰F. Ann Arbor also has a tornado risk score of 31 compared to the national average score of 19. (Sander, 2004)

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