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Analyzing The Relationship Between Adolescents' Sleep And Their Academic Performance

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The relationship between adolescents’ sleep and their academic performances or other health behaviors has long been a research project for scientists worldwide. In the readings provided, three out of four group of scientists conducted researches on how sleep duration and/or quality affects students school performances, and the other group investigated mainly on adolescents’ health behaviors, the use of marijuana for instance.

Findings concerning the relationships between sleep and academic performance:
While in both essays Sleep Duration and Cognitive Performance in Adolescence and Understanding Adolescents’ Sleep Pattern and School Performance: a Critical Appraisal, researchers have ended up with statements that confirm the positive relationship between sleep and academic performance, though the latter with part disagreement, in another essay Association of Sleep and Academic Performance, the findings were different. The research shows that the amount of sleep has no apparent effect on the students’ academic performances.

As is indicated in the essay Understanding Adolescents ’ Sleep Pattern and School Performance: a Critical Appraisal, self-reported shortened total sleep time, erratic sleep/wake schedules, late bed and rise times, and poor sleep quality are negatively associated with academic performance for adolescents from middle school through the college years. In this research, not only adolescents, but also pre-adolescents and freshman students in college were involved. After investigating the students’ detailed sleep habits, this research, along with several other researches worldwide, ended up in the same result as described above.

However, apparently not all scientists agree with this conclusion. In another paper, Sleep Duration and Cognitive Performance in Adolescence, the results generally support the above essay but have a small part of difference. Students aged from 13 to 18.5 years were polled to examine their cognitive abilities, including verbal, numeric and reasoning, each using different test systems respectively. The result was that the amount of sleep is positively related to the overall cognitive abilities but only among males, with no such association found in female, providing However, other factors such as sleep quality should also be studied during future investigation. The study also suggests that severe sleep deprivation may leads to cognitive dysfunction (Sleep Duration and Cognitive Performance in Adolescence), but the extent are similar to that caused by slight deprivation. Besides, excessive sleep loss may result in impair on IQs for young children, while has no significant effect on one’s short –term memory.

Another research finding almost completely contradicts the above ideas. In the paper Association of Sleep and Academic Performance, the investigation is conducted by handing out brief questionnaires to 9th to 12th graders as well as...

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