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Analyzing The Use Of Databases Essay

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I have a friend that works for a company that has three international offices located in the USA, Europe, and Japan, and two factories in China. They specialize in providing customized products for any organization, targeting school spirit teams. Their products consist of spirit items such as their cheerstixs, hats, duffel bags, bears, flip-flops, cheerleading accessories, and team merchandises. All of their products are designed to equip their clients' logo. Therefore, it is important that when an order is placed, their client information and the order be correctly aligned.Databases are used to store, manage, and retrieve this information. Each section of the database has its specific ...view middle of the document...

Dreamweaver provides advanced design and layout tools, enabling them to create web pages without writing a line of code. It uses Macromedia's Roundtrip HTML technology to import HTML documents without reformatting the code--and they can set Dreamweaver to clean up and reformat HTML when they want to (Macromedia, Inc. 2002).Dreamweaver is used to create web links from saved artwork files that are submitted for customer for approval. Before each order is, submitted to the factory, their client must approve of the artwork. With Dreamweaver, their clients are able to view the sample artwork and make suggestions. Employees can instantly make modification to adjust to the client desire. Instead of drafting everything by paper, and then faxing the sample to their client, they are able to create links for themselves and the client for viewing. In addition, since their factory is in China, our productivity does not come to a halt because of waiting. It is a great tool and has become a necessity for their company.Microsoft Excel allows people to organize and analyze data to simplify common business tasks using functions in a spreadsheet. Excel includes functions to calculate formulas, perform arithmetic functions, store and perform macros, create graphs and tables, and import data. Excel also allows many spreadsheets to be opened at a time. Formulas are entered at the top of the screen and can be performed on the values indicated. Each spreadsheet can be customized through the addition of headings and various other elements (The University of Iowa 2005).They use Microsoft Excel to keep track of all...

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1084 words - 4 pages more. Without the use of databases, work will take infinity longer to accomplish. Many advancements and improvements have been made in databases. They have improved them to the point that they are in use in almost every business. Databases have become a common place from the costly server based applications to the common place client based software like Microsoft Access.References:database. (n.d.). The American Heritage® New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, Third Edition. Retrieved April 16, 2007, from website:

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605 words - 2 pages , pay role, phone numbers and much more. Lacking the use of databases, work will take longer to accomplish. Another great feature about having a database in place is that a record of all transitions can be kept for auditing and statistic reporting.In this paper I will talk about the database and software used at my place of employment. The DBMS that we utilize is Oracle; it is running on an IBM Mid-range server and can be accessed from any

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