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Analyzing Three Printed Media Texts Essay

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Analyzing Three Printed Media Texts

All three of the advertisements in hand are offering holidays in the
same place but are targeting different target audiences and certain
aspects that would appeal to that target audience. All advertisements
are targeting social groups B, C and C1.

The first of the three extracts is an advertisement for person's aged
eighteen to thirty, called 'Club 18-30'. The layout of this text is
very bold and eye-catching. With fun, crimped headings and
sub-headings to give an impression of the sea and sand. It includes a
cool, modern logo in the top-right of the page, to appeal to the
younger audience. There is also a single bold, arresting visual that
is cropped to imply that the picture is just a taster of what the
company has on offer.

The second advertisement is designed to appeal to families with young
children. Again, the undulating effect has been used on the titles and
this time has also been used on the visual to create the image of sand
and sea and to appeal to younger children.

In this advertisement the sub-headings and information has been set
out in a more formal manner. Therefore, the parent reading the
advertisement is reassured that the information they are being given
is factual, and that the holiday company cares and is serious about
the enjoyment and safety of the reader and the reader's family.

The 'Club 18-30' advertisement however, doesn't use the formal layout
to reassure the reader. This is because a younger adult without a
family would generally rather have a more independent holiday, as a
contrast having everything organized for them, and so information is
kept to a minimum.

The final advertisements is far more formal than the other
advertisements and is aimed at the over fifty-fives. Its layout
consists of both text and visuals in clear, simple boxes. So that the
older, more sophisticated over fifty-five's, can concentrate fully on
the in-depth information the advertiser is producing for them. Each
separate piece of information is located in its own section on the
page, outlined by bold black line to make each piece of text separate
from each other and also to arrest the reader's attention.

With text, the 'club 18-30' advertisement is very informal and uses
the type of chatty, colloquial language that would be used by the
subject age range. This is done by means of phrases like "in yer face"
and "a fair bit of wedge" as an attempt to communicate easily with the
specified, young, target audience who are likely to be familiar with

'Club 18-30' is but the only advertisement of the three that uses this
type of colloquial language. This reason for this is that it is only
aiming at a small, twelve-year age range, which may not be as mature
as fully-grown adults and so may still use this kind of language on a

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