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What makes a magazine advertisement more than just a bottomless blank page, for which the reader will quickly skim over and forget? Finding the solution to this problem, requires diligent thinking. All aspects, angels, and ideas, come into play. When choosing a product by the form of advertisement, the viewer chooses the best ad that appeals to his/her needs/wants. This requires the advertisement producer to analysis the target audience. In Motor Trend ‘Merica, there are two advertisements for two identical products, tires. However, both of these ads are effective to two separate audiences. One ad aims to the countrified side of men and the other towards urbanized men. However, both of these ads can attract female individuals. So when choosing an ad that will keep a company in the black, companies must understand the target audience and their emotional attachments, and how a slight change in the ad, can change its effectiveness.
When analyzing two advertisements that have two similar products, one must understand the possible differences in audience. In my personal analysis between two tire brands and their advertisements in Motor Trend 'Merica magazine, I found that both have separate audiences. The first advertisement is for Falken Tire. This ad consisted of a low-placed and high-angled rear view image of a formula 3 race car with “CONQUER YOUR WORLD” printed in the clouds above it. To the left and right of the race car, is the pit crew working diligently to replace the four Falken tires. The second advertisement is for Toyo Tires. This advertisement consists of a diagonal image, for which the off road truck of BJ Baldwin (Baldwin is a famous off road racer, who has won the Baja 1000 for two consecutive years, as the ad explains) is racing towards the right side of the camera. This image has a black and white contrast, and has “BALDWIN 2” with “win” emphasized in blue writing. Underneath the image is Baldwin and his navigator rejoicing their victory and to the right of this is a paragraph informing the audience, how BJ Baldwin is Toyo Tires hero. These ads are completely different because they have diverse audiences.
When determining who the target audience is for these two products, it is essential for the analyzer, to search outside of the box. First thing to consider is the magazine. The name alone can shed light onto the two targeted audiences. The first part is “Motor Trend” and this can shrink the audience to, car enthusiast. The second is “‘Merica”. The online Urban dictionary describes Merica as,
[a] whole new way of saying America. … Merica is the whole experience of America summed up in a stereotypical way. Eating anything deep-fried, shooting shotguns, getting so fat you attempt to use the force to levitate [something] off the coffee table.… It is often expressed in a proud and commonly exaggerated manor. This phrase is one to be only used when the time comes to say it, like at a[n] eating contest or at a mud...

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