Analyzing Two Pieces Of Work About Homelessness

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Analyzing Two Pieces of Work About Homelessness

I am writing an assignment which is on media. The two sources I have
been given to analyse is a leaflet from ' The Salvation Army' and a
newspaper article from ' The Guardian.' Both are based on the subject
of homelessness. The problem of homelessness is a very unsettled
issue. It is evident in many countries but in the UK it is
concentrated in London. The two items are different, as one is an
article from a broad sheet newspaper whereas item 2 is a leaflet
asking for donation for a charity which helps the homeless.

The article on homelessness states many facts on the reasons why
homelessness is an issue which is faced by many people today. It is
estimated that "419, 400" individuals have been accepted homeless by
the local authorities in which many are living in a "sub standard"
condition and are not even included in the statistics. This means that
there are many out there who are regarded homeless and are yet not to
be found. The main reason that people are homeless is the fact that
most of them are "rough sleepers" who go about during the day and
sleep wherever there is a dry place. It is mentioned that the majority
are "single people". This may have been due to the fact that many of
them leave home at a young age and are unable to support themselves
financially and resulting in not having kids. It is estimated tat
"90%" of the homeless population is male. One may think why? The
answer to this is due to the fact of excess consumption of alcohol
resulting in spending a huge amount of money and leading to bankruptcy
and not affording to a good life. People who are " dependant on non
prescribed drugs" are also homeless because they spend most of their
income on drugs. It is also stated that those who suffer from
"multiple social problems" are mostly either family problems or are
kicked out due to other problems. They suffer mentally as these
problems mount up leading them to leave home and run away with no
benefits and live on the streets without a fixed home.

As homelessness is increasing, government intends to abolish the
problem by setting up plans for the future, which may help in
development. The newspaper states that in order for this plan to work
out successfully, the government proposed many new acts since 1980's
Due to "public outcry" against "doss houses" many of these houses were
closed down, in return new warm "hostels" were opened; the downside to
this improvement was that it was "insufficient" as by 1989 they were,
"5000 fewer beds than there were 10 years ago." By 1990 the government
estimated 1000 to 2000 people were sleeping rough in central London.
Along the government response to this was the Department of the
Environment had launched a "three year £90,000,000 rough sleepers
initiative (RSI) in which they...

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