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Analyzing Your Audience Essay

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Successfully analyzing their audience allows a writer to focus a message in a manner that is understood. Without this step it is likely the message will not answer important questions or cover topics that need to be addressed, leaving the reader to ask for clarification.
Imagine sitting in your first day classes at college, the instructor enters the room and begins speaking as though you and your classmates have already been trained in the topic? What if the instructor insisted that everyone take the final test even though no formal instruction had begun?
Without audience analysis a writer makes the same assumptions the college instructor in the paragraph above was making. They would be ...view middle of the document...

Experts are the people who design a product or service. They are the most knowledgeable regarding the product because they are the creators. When writing to another expert on their product the writer may make use of industry jargon and use a less formal tone. Not only can this save time in communicating, but the message between colleagues will most likely be clearer and more concise.
Technicians are the people that build and support the product or service. They may be the ones that support end users, for example, fellow colleagues within a company. This support may include instruction on the tasks involved to use the product, or any problems experienced during the day to day use of the product. When writing to people in the technical group it is not necessary to cover a lot of the basics that may be required when writing to executives and non-specialist readers since they have practical knowledge of the product.
Executives are decision makers. They may not have a technical background, therefore, when writing to this group some basic technical ideas may need to be covered in order to successfully convey the importance of the message and to secure a positive decision. Making sure they have all the facts is essential to any decision making process, but keeping in mind that this group does not need to know how the product was built, only what the product can accomplish in order to decide if it is a viable and profitable product for their purpose.
Lastly, the non-specialist group consists of readers that will likely have little to no technical background. Therefore, the writer does not want to inundate them with technical explanations but is required to inform this category of reader in order for them to make a decision, such as whether to purchase a certain type of software for their business. They do not need to know how the software was built, only to decide if the features are ones that will help them in their daily tasks.
It is the responsibility of the writer to not assume the reader possesses certain...

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