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Analyzing Your Organization Essay

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TitleAnalyzing Your OrganizationAbstractThis paper will discuss the most important forces that an organization has and the effect of the forces on the complexity, dynamism, and richness of the environment. I also will discuss resource dependence theory versus transaction cost theory as it pertains to Disease Management Services. Will the company remain viable or will its uncertainty flip it upside down.Analyzing Your OrganizationDISEASE MANAGEMENT SERVICES HEIRARCHY ORGANIZATIONAL CHARTDisease Management Services (DMS) is a complex global healthcare provider. Just as in any other company, DMS has an organizational chart that branches off into multiple subunits starting with a hierarchy chart . Just what is disease management? (DM) Disease management is a program that assists patients in managing their chronic illness or disease process. Initially disease management’s goal was cost control. Today disease management is cost control, efficacy and effectiveness, and quality care. Now The program covers a wide variety of health issues such as, asthma, diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, heart failure, pregnancy, pain control and other chronic disease processes. What is involved in this program? Some of the programs such as heart failure and diabetes have equipment that the company sends to the patient upon enrollment through their health insurance provider. This equipment helps monitor the patient at home with the aid of the equipment that and that data is transmitted through broadband or phone line to monitors in the office. A registered nurse (RN) will check the collected information and call the patient to discuss changes, if any. The RN then discusses changes or concerns of the patient and educates the patient through telemedicine accordingly. Then the RN follows the patients care, documents changes and gives that information to the patient’s primary physician. A disease management company has several different entities and subunits all with different needs of their own with their products, customers and stakeholders. A list of these (not exhaustive) is as follows:DISEASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS: PRODUCTS, CUSTOMERS AND FORCES• Needs of the Health plan Increased contribution of employers add-in’s Outsourcing solutions, must manage outcomes and costs factors. Decrease continued spending due to medical inflation.• Needs of Patients , consumers and other users More time with providers Better access to healthcare Help navigating the healthcare industry Education on life-style issues and behaviors• Provider Needs More time with patients Need more information at point of care Less reward for increased numbers which will result in better patient outcomes Need to enhance patient relationships• Needs of Employer Need improved techniques to decrease medical inflation Need to zero in on heaviest users of product, e.g., diabetes, CAD, hypertension, COPD, obesity Collaborate with secondary providers such as nurses, physician assistants,...

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