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Anassesment Into How Carers Support Their Disabled Child And What Help The Government Provides To Help.

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How do carers support themselves and the state help.In our community there are services for vulnerable people who are in need of support. These people come from a wide group and include some of the following:· Families who are having difficulty in coping with bringing up their children;· Children who don't have a family or are unable to live with their own family;· Children with disabilities or mental health problems;· Children who are at risk of being harmed or whose development may be impaired;· People who need additional support when leaving hospital.· CarersA Carer is a person who looks after a friend or relative who is disabled, ill or old that cannot manage at home without them. For this assignment I have covered some of the issues that careers face when looking after disabled children. It includes information regarding the help that is available to them and all the restrictions that almost always occurs.The life of a Carer is often restricted, they have very little time to them selves and the social life is almost nonexistent. Caring for a disabled child put immense pressure on the parents and it often results in couple's splitting up.There are many different types of help available to parents but most of the time the parents are unaware of it. Even when parents know what help is available, getting it is one big struggle as a result of filling in all the forms and meeting up with the necessary people. Communication with doctors is very poor and everyone seems to "pass the buck". In theory doctors are experts but when they actually meet the families they often talk in jargon and don't appear to be able to deal with children.Types of different benefitsCarers for disabled children may be eligible for cash benefits. The following list is a starting point for considerations.· Disability Living Allowance· Invalid Care Allowance· Road Tax Exemption· Orange Badge· Fares to Hospital· Family Credit· Income Support or Income-based Jobseeker's Allowance· Social Fund· Housing Benefit· Council Tax Reduction· Council Tax BenefitDisability Living AllowanceThis is an allowance for people up to the age of 65 who need help with looking after themselves and/or find difficulty getting around.There are two components to DLA called the care component DLA(care) and the mobility component DLA(mobility). Payments can be made for either or both components. Each component is sub-divided into different categories determined by the severity of the disability.Invalid Care AllowanceInvalid Care Allowance (ICA) is a weekly benefit for and paid to, a carer (under the age of 65) who is looking after a disabled person.ICA is currently taxable and carers should not be earning more than £50 a week on average (after...

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