Anaylsis Of The Song Peace Of Mind Written By Tom Scholz

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Alex Wozneak
Professor Daniel Fehner
Humanities 100
December 2nd 2013
Music Analysis
The song is “Peace of Mind” by the band Boston, written by Tom Scholz and debuted on their first album in 1976. Since I was very young I’ve probably listened to this song several hundred times. Starting with my parent’s original vinyl copy, to the CD version, and now to the digital version I still have on my iPod. When I was younger and listened to the song I never really paid close attention to the lyrics or the seeming message is being presented. Now that I’ve matured and entered a stage of life where I am more reflective there are a few lyrics that stand out to me. The chorus of this song really resonates with me and it goes:
I understand about indecision
But I don't care if I get behind
People livin' in competition
All I want is to have my peace of mind.
The style of the song comes across in a sort of blue collar manner. It sounds as if it’s coming from someone who is a little more down to earth and likes to remove themself from the cutthroat hustle and bustle of corporate America. It’s about how life doesn’t travel in a straight line, it take twists and turns along the way. It’s about how life has its ups and downs so you have to accept that you are going to get behind every once and awhile. So many people in this country become so obsessed with making it to the top of the ladder that they lose sight of what really matters in life. There’s no guarantee that you will live a happier longer life if you concentrate all your efforts on trying to become more “successful” financially, because in the end we’ll all be gone someday. It’s important to slow down sometimes and enjoy the little things in life that are more important, than constantly worrying about the future. If you “play your cards right” you will open many potential doors for the future. If you do so you won’t need to constantly worry.
This song in every way has classic hard Rock ’n’ Roll written all over it. It is emotionally charged and dynamic, yet forceful. Rock music is about energy, and when all the elements of a good rock song come together, it’s powerful. This song has a level of connectivity with the masses that grips you. Combining that with the high voltage level of rock in this song will have anybody pumping their fists in the air. Today’s rock n roll doesn’t seem to have the same power as the golden age of rock music did. This song gives a sense of confidence and determination that leaves you wanting to say, “Rock on!” Generally, the lyrics of rock music include feelings of pressure from society, rebellion, passionate views of love or hate, wanting to enjoy life and have fun, retribution, and angst or despair. For the most part rock lyrics have solid, rhythmic meter and are easy to follow along with. This doesn’t mean that rock lyrics are written by a ten year old, it’s more about getting to the point and making a statement.
As far as Rock ‘n’ roll singers go, singers that actually have...

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