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Anaylsis On Puffed Rice And Meatballs

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From the beginning Katya’s character in “Puffed Rice and Meatballs” shares her stories from childhood regarding her first sexual encounter, to the first signs of having breasts. All of these share a common theme, the feeling of being alone and ignored. Katya learns that she faces the feeling of unimportance and turmoil throughout her life while she tells her stories.
The story starts with Katya’s unnamed American suitor asking about her childhood and her encounters of Communism. He acts as if he is interested in her past, but is really just looking for a story to pass the time and to cut the tension in the room. When she starts telling her story not of Communism, but of her first sexual encounter her lover becomes impassioned. He gets the feeling that she is unintentionally delaying to tell her story. Throughout her telling the story, her admirer tries to unclasp her bra while idling listening. It is easy to tell that he is not interested in this story from this point. He just wants to try to distract her so he can have sex with her again. On her walk home she realizes that her lover was not interested in her past. She feels shameful for the way she had to lie to make the story sound better than what it really was. What she really wanted was for someone to listen to her real stories.
One of those stories was her experience with her first sexual encounter. However, the way she tells it is with less affection and tone then the way it actually happens. The experience was

short and brief. It was just a simple exchanging of looks and other body parts between her and a boy who napped next to her. Once her mother finds out she goes berserk. Katya’s mother lectures her to the point where the mother ends up locking herself into the bathroom. Katya remembers vividly “that she banged on the bathroom door, yelling “Mommy, please, forgive me!”(43) It even goes so far that Katya gets on her hands and knees trying to calm her mother down through the slit under the door. While telling this story it is at this point she realizes how much emotional stress and turmoil this has caused her to face. At this point she changes to a lighter tone to try to calm herself down. When a child faces something that puts this much pressure on them it can cause them to such emotional distress they do not know what to do. It can...

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