Ancestry, Creation And Science Essay

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Racism - Naughty Word

Humans traveled long distances during the last ice age that lasted about 100,000 years. Sea levels were low, and the planet was easily traversed. When the ice age began to come to an end about 12,000 years ago, the ice melted, sea levels rose, land bridges disappeared, and nomadic clans became isolated on various continents. Humans were stuck where they were and had to adapt to extreme environments. Severe heat, high humidity, strong winds, and freezing, cold temperatures gave rise to miniscule, genetic differences in these populations. Out of the 3 billion letters in the human genome, few mutations are responsible for the slight, physical differences from one human to ...view middle of the document...

Testing on a large number of individuals by the Human Genome Project and the HapMap Project confirmed that genomes of some individuals had significant amounts of DNA structure missing, or duplicated, when compared to genomes of other individuals. This discovery will be extremely useful in determining families who may be susceptible to specific diseases such as diabetes and breast cancer.
Getting back to the chimp thing, indisputable similarities do exist between humans and chimps. Humans and all animal life exhibit parallel characteristics. If all living things inhabit similar environments, are made of the same basic elements, and require the same functions for reproduction and survival, it certainly makes sense they would be biologically similar. All living things breathe, eat, digest food, eliminate waste, reproduce, and need rest. Members of the National Human Genome Research Institute have concluded that humans and chimps share about 95% DNA sequences; the remaining 5% has been considered junk DNA. Interestingly enough, additional genetic studies suggest that humans share genetic similarities with various animals: 80% with cows, 82% with dogs, and 50% with bananas (bananas?). New research also confirms that the X and Y chromosomes in humans and cats appear to be remarkably similar. Meow.
Humans Take Charge

Why humans? Why did modern humans develop traits that gave him the ability to dominate the world? Did humans rise from a separate hunk of goop that was comparable in content to other hunks of goop that gave rise to other life forms? Why did the human brain become so complex? Why are humans self-aware? Why do they have a sense of purpose, a moral compass, and a little chutzpah?
Neurosurgeons and medical research scientists, by admission, know little about the brain other than it is a mass of billions of nerve cells that are constantly connecting with each other. Although researchers have tested and documented the means by which specific parts of the brain direct biological processes and control physical reactions, science is at a loss to adequately and uniformly explain instinct, emotional behavior, consciousness, the subconscious, and the unconscious.
Cognitive processes in the brain that initiate thinking, creativity, and reasoning can be attributed to modern man’s larger brain capacity and intricate wiring. Ingenuity, used in crafting tools, utilizing fire, and implementing ideas can also result from complex wiring in the brain. As brains gradually evolved and experienced a slow, re-wiring process, humans were able to form words and communicate verbally with members of their clan. He could convey messages of warning, love, and new ideas to others. Man not only chatted with others, he began carrying on conversations with himself (my most productive ones). He thought in language.
According to good, ol’ Webster’s, “instinct is an unlearned, innate, intuitive behavior that instructs a species to perform specific behaviors without...

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