Ancient Africa Mali History: The Legend Of Sundiata          Mali

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Ancient Africa Mali History: The legend of Sundiata Mali is located a few degrees north of the equator and gets a lot of sunlight. It?s a very dry region and is overly hot year round. The Beledugu Plateau is at the northern part of the region which farms are scattered though out, plus nomadic groups of people which are located here because it gets the most rain fall out of the whole area which keeps them competing for water because there is usually a 10 month dry spell without water. Also in this region, the Sahara Desert was a very large area that was again very dry but hosted a commodity for trade which is Salt. Salt was traded for gold because the people of the Sahara had such a plentiful amount of it they could trade straight up for gold with the westerners of Africa. There is a mountain range called Futa Djalon, ?this a mountain range located west of the Mali that is the source of several major rivers including the Niger, Senegal and Gambia. It is much wetter and cooler, then the ?Bright Country,? surrounding the Niger River Valley, and its inhabitants?1. Mali had different surroundings with Mountains Rivers and desert depending on which way you traveled you would come to one of these geographical features. Known as the ?Bright Country? which was made reference too earlier ?Brightness is a reference to a religious belief that the physical and spiritual worlds are connected through light. The ?Bright Country? is the place where that connection occurs, or in other words, this region is the place where the physical world is in closest contact with the spiritual world?2.The religion at this time was Islam; it reached West Africa in the 900 AD from the traders of the north. Islam was found to be useful because it provided a common language for them and proved to help the traders gaining assistance from other Muslims were ever they went. ?In the epic of Sundiata, his family lineage is traced back to an individual named Bilali who was one of the original followers of Muhammad, the founder of Islam and one of the first Kings of Mali whether it was true or not, this detail shows that by the time of Sundiata, Islam was firmly established in the area?3.Sundiata was a great hunter king and one of the greatest of all times ?the story of him who, by his exploits, surpassed even Alexander the Great?4. The great epic story of Sundiata is as follows.Maghan Kon Fatta the king of Mali at that time was One day sitting below his silk-cotton tree with him one of his sons who was eight beside him was taking there usual position under the tree when approached by a man dressed as a hunter came by saying he was chasing game and it died near the walls of his kingdom which in turn he brought a portion to Maghan as a sign of recognizing a custom of there?s. The kings Griot Gnankouman Doua took the portion and handed it to the king and upon this saying to the hunter ?stranger, whoever you may be you will be the king?s guest because you respect custom; come and take your...

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