Did Extraterrestrials Help With The Pyramids Of Gizah?

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Imagine a time when a person of the group of people that take care of the pharaoh in Ancient Egypt in the mid 1000’s BC. They are just now starting to building the great pyramid of Giza, but how does a person think they are really being built? By man or by something greater than man? The stones that are used to build the great pyramids were all over a ton in weight. Explain how they would get those stones all the way up to top? If a person lived in this time you would know, but now there are many different theories for the way they were transported from place to place. They do not have trees in Egypt, so there is no way they used a normal pulley system of that time to move the massive stones. The focus of this essay is going to be on Ancient Egypt like already explain, Easter Island and the weird sculpted stone heads, a place in Peru, and lastly the newest known great rock building called Coral Castle in Florida. Coral Castle was built in the 1920 by a man named Edward Leedskalnin who claimed that he had discovered the Ancient Egyptian art of rock magnetism, making huge boulders levitate into place (“Ancient Aliens”). Edward was a very small man only standing at about five feet 100 lbs, would only work at night because he did not want to give his secret away or let anyone see him do his amazing work (“Mystery, UFOs, Aliens, Conspiracy Theories”). Many people believe that we have not been visited in the past, but how does one explain Edward Leedskalnin, The Great Pyramid of Giza, Easter Island, or even a banished pharaoh from Egypt. What really happened in the past to have all these unexplainable things?
Ancient Egypt was said to be a great place of culture and religion, but there are many things that are built in the past that are still standing that are built with advanced building tool. How are we suppose to explain the unexplainable? King Akhenaten was a great pharoah around the time that the pyramids were being built. He just so happens to be the father of the ever famous King Tut. Akhenaten was betrayed different than all the other pharaohs of this time, when most of the sculptures and paintings were done in a superhuman way Akhenaten was not. (“Mysteries of Akhenaten”). Akhenaten was seen as a man with very wide hips and a large pot belly when all the sculptures of pharaohs before and after him were always superhuman and unfeel. (“Mysteries of Akhenaten”). No one can explain why the sculptures of him are different. Akhenaten claimed that he was from a different land and no one of the time really know who he really was. Toward the end of his rule as pharaoh of Egypt he was banished from the land. They claimed he was trying to change everything about their religion. Akhenaten claimed there was only one god and he was very close to him (“Mysteries of Akhenaten”). Once they went to banish him he had disappeared and no one knows what happened to him after that (“Mysteries of Akhenaten”). This is still a mystery to today. He was seen different...

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