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Ancient Athens: The Prototype For Western Democracy

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Ancient Athens serves as a beacon within Western antiquity as the center for culture with its cultural advancements impacting the culture of today. Founded nearly 9,000 years ago, Athens formed itself as the center of Greek culture and education during the classical period. Considered the prototype for Western Democracy, it allowed for the rise of a citizenship of voters, something unique in the ancient world. The Athenian love of physical activity culminated in the Olympics, an event that though ended by the Roman Empire, inspired the Olympics of the modern era. Though Athens was later conquered by the Roman Empire, it still served as the center of culture until its ultimate collapse in the 6th century AD via the Eastern Roman Empire. Ultimately, Western Society owes a debt to ancient Athens as this small city-state provided the backdrop for the West to develop and grow. Everything today, from the West’s love of sports to appreciation of the arts to government structure all flows from an ancient hilltop in Greece.
The origins of early Athens can be traced back as early as 7000 B.C.E. It is unclear if the name is derived from the Greek goddess Athena, or if the goddess was named after the city itself. The center of the city is settled on the Acropolis, a high, rocky plateau overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. This site was most likely chosen for its natural defenses inland, surrounded by mountains, with the Acropolis protecting its inhabitants from sea side attacks. Because of the rocky terrain, no large-scale agriculture was possible. The smaller farms weren’t enough to support the expanding population and Athenians relied on fishing and trading with neighboring civilizations. The city differentiated itself from neighboring city-states by becoming an epicenter for the arts during the classical era. They praised individuality and prided themselves on political and intellectual superiority. Early politics and social structure provided the roots of a democracy that still dominates much of the world today.
The idea of a democracy was born from one man with idea of natural-born citizen involvement in politics, and a desire to end the strife in the majority of Athenian citizens. In 600 B.C.E. polis, also known as city-states were mostly ruled by a small group of wealthy land owners . An increasingly rough terrain and increased importing of goods pushed most small, independent farmers into debt, widening the gap between the minority of wealthy land owners and the majority of the poorer local farmers. Social dispute ensued as more and more farmers were forced to sell their farms to cover their mounting financial debt. A free-thinking statesman and land owner, Solon, was elected to create a reform of laws that would later set the stage for democracy. His reform included an assembly of 400 men, drawn by lottery, to vote on new laws and serve as a jury; abolishing the rule of the wealthy. Women and foreigners were excluded from this lottery, as...

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