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There were many great civilizations throughout recorded history. These civilizations began as small colonies and then grew into a numerous amount of large cities. They became unified underneath the rule of great people and also went into ruins because of the bad ones. The physical surroundings of these civilizations also played a major role their way of life, such as if agriculture was popular or if trade needed to be established in order to survive. One of the first civilizations, whose great ruins can still be seen today, is the Egyptians. Their civilization developed mainly around the Nile River, which was seen as the "bringer of food." The river was capable of producing a fertile area several miles wide on both sides of the river and capable of producing food. The Egyptians tended to remain more rural with many small population centers that were congregated along a narrow band on both sides of the Nile. The majority of the population lived at the point of delta where the river split in what was called Lower Egypt. The surpluses of food that the farmers were able to grow there, made them very prosperous. Also with the fertility that they had, they also had natural barriers that helped protect them from invasions, gave them a sense of security, and it fostered isolation. There were three major divisions in the time of the ancient Egyptians known as the Old, Middle, and New Kingdoms. These were periods of long-term stability that was characterized by strong monarchical authority, much construction of temples and pyramids, and considerable intellectual and cultural activity. The kingdoms were lead by kings or often called pharaohs, whom were seen as being divine. As the new kingdoms went on, the pharaoh was seen more as a shepherd of the people and was given the responsibility to build public works and provide for the public welfare. The culture that the Egyptians produced dazzled their conquerors by their construction of the pyramids, which demonstrated a measure of skill that was unequaled in the world at that time. The pyramids were constructed in during the time of the Old Kingdom. They were used to honor the dead, but they also gave people belief in the after life and a greater feel for their religion when they would see the great pyramids in the horizon. They used a system of writing that is called hieroglphics that is writing with pictures. It was later simplified for writing purposes, but they never developed it into an alphabet. The fall of the Egyptian civilization came in the 19th dynasty under the rule of Rameses II. There were new invasions that drove the Egyptians back to their old frontiers and eventually expired with the end of 20th dynasty in 1085.One great civilization in the past was the Greeks. Their geography played a great role in the expansion of Greece. They built their city on a plot of land that was about the size of Louisiana and was surrounded by mountains. On the outside of their...

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