Ancient Civilizations And How They Relate To Today. Speaks Of Ancient Egypt, Rome And Greece

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When we study our past, we see what was and what could have been. Different times, different cultures, and their issues were often not so very different then our own in present days. If we pay enough attention to the past, and it's lessons, the future can be better.As we look toward the future, we must also look backward. History shows us man's failures and successes. If we hope to succeed in the future, we must listen to the lessons of the past.Back in Egyptian times, people struggled with many things; some of which we are still struggling with today. One example is women's status in the community and their equality with men. Back then, women were almost like slaves. It seems that they ...view middle of the document...

Another important invention that they came up with was the system of hieroglyphics. These were pictograms of pictures of objects, and there were also ideograms, or a picture that symbolizes an idea or action. This discovery was very important because I it was the first type of real communication from the past.Another important discovery was geometry. This invention came about when the Egyptian farmers devised methods of surveying lands out of necessity. When annual floods wasted away boundary markers, farmers had to re-measure their fields. The need to survey land led to the development of mathematics, particularly geometry: which we use a great deal of today.The Egyptians invented techniques to build impressive stone monuments. The engineering of temples and pyramids was s precise that each block fit perfectly into the next one. This has taught us a lot about building the great buildings we have today.The Egyptians also came up with many important medical discoveries. Although Egyptian doctors relied heavily on magic, they made scientific inquiries. By studying the human body, doctors learned to perform surgeries. The Egyptians were very unique people who actually came up with more inventions and discoveries then we thought. The primitive past was the stepping stone to where we are now. We have taken what they knew and added on to make a very sophisticated society.The Egyptians solved a lot of problems for us. Before the Egyptians, if there was an important date or event to remember, you had to keep track of the days by the rise and fall of the sun and moon. As said before, the Egyptians invented the 365 day calendar so that if there was something important that you had to remember, all you had to do was mark it on the calendar. It was a lot easier to keep track of the days and remember things.The Egyptians also made it a lot easier to communicate. Before, you had to make movements and use sigh language to communicate. Then people learned how to talk. After the Egyptians, people had a new way of communication. Before the Egyptians, if you were sick with the flu or a cold, there was no way to cure you and you usually died. Then, the Egyptians invented new ways to cure sicknesses so if you got a cold or fly, there was a lot less of a chance for you to die because there were ways to cure you. Also the Egyptians came up with easier and better ways of transportation. Because of this, people could get where they needed or wanted in a much more comfortable fashion.The Egyptian civilization made quite a few mistakes. They took in slaves who were mostly prisoners that were captured in a war or battle. The nobles and pharaohs were the most wealthy people, therefore, they had the majority of the slaves. The slaves were forced by their owners to work in labor gangs. The pharaohs increased taxes in order to pay for a tomb or pyramid to be built. The pyramids were very expensive to build so only the rich could afford them. The tax increase caused a huge...

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