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Ancient Egypt And Modern Life Essay

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The magnificent pyramids have stood in Egypt for thousands of years. Even modern architects with heavy machinery can barely reproduce this design. There are many similarities and differences between ancient Egypt and life today in the United States. Well, here’s an obvious one: Egypt has been around for thousands of years, while the US has only been around for two hundred!
Egypt, located in the north of Africa, is very hot. In fact, there is no snow there! On the other hand, the United States is located in North America. The US has a variety of climates throughout the region, unlike Egypt.
Ancient Egypt and the US both have their own political systems. However, they work entirely differently. In ancient Egypt, one pharaoh had absolute power over all people and land of Egypt; it was basically the monarchy. The pharaoh made all the laws and collected all the taxes, which consisted of grains. He was also the high priest of every Egyptian temple as well as a military leader who defended the country. Pharaohs were even blamed for bad harvests, sicknesses, and droughts. On the other hand, the US runs by the people, as a democracy. Instead of one dictator being in charge, three branches of government rule the land with equal power. The legislative branch (congress) makes the laws, the executive branch (president) enforces the laws, and the judicial branch (Supreme court) regards and implements the laws.
In ancient Egypt, everyone practiced the same polytheistic religion and worshipped the same gods. There was a sun god, a god of the underworld, a goddess of magic, a sky god, a god of wisdom, and the earth god. The religion also focused on the afterlife, or life after death. They believed that it was a happy place. The idea lead to their burial practice of mummification, drying a dead body and wrapping it. Conversely, American citizens are at discretion to practice a religion of their choosing. This results in a diversity of religion throughout the US, which is part of its democracy.
Education in Ancient Egypt is similar and different from the education in the United States....

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