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Ancient Egyptian Civilization Essay

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Throughout time, there have been various civilizations, many of which are now ancient. One of the most complex and fascinating of these is that of Ancient Egypt.
Beginning in roughly 3150 B.C., a civilization known as Ancient Egypt was formed in Northeastern Africa. This was calculated from a method that Egyptians used which was called chronology. Chronology was used to record rulers and dynasties, as well as events of importance.
Egyptian development began when King Menes – the first pharaoh - unified upper and lower Egypt. This formed a society that advanced over the centuries.
The type of government Ancient Egyptian was theocracy. This means they worshiped a single person as a God; and primarily being the Pharaoh.
The primary writing system for Egyptians was hieroglyphics, which used a few different elements of writing. It was used in a number of ways, such as royal decrees, temple and tomb ...view middle of the document...

Not only did this deteriorate the insides of their mouths, but it produced an intense foul odor that they decided to mask by boiling a blend of spices, resins, and honey to make breath mints. Toothpaste was made even more complexly. Powdered ox hooves, ashes, burnt eggshells, and pumice were some of the ingredients used to make this early and first known form of toothpaste.
Mummification was another method that Egyptians are famously known for. The deceased were taken to a place known as an ibu, and then washed. Incisions were made in the abdominal region to remove most of the internal organs, excluding the heart. Egyptians strongly believed that the heart was needed to pursue an afterlife, so they kept it inside of the deceased. A hook is then placed through the nostril to take out the brain.
After this, the body is covered with natron or salt to dry out all bodily fluids. Around forty days later, the salts are removed with water from the Nile and covered heavily with oils. The now dried-out internal organs are placed back inside of the body, buried with it, or placed in jars. Most bodies were stuffed in order to maintain a healthy and life-like appearance. Oils are placed on the body once again, and then wrapped in linen.
Pyramids are another ancient wonder of the Egyptian civilization, and most were built in order to guard pharaohs or people of importance after their decease.
There are many theories of how the pyramids were created and packed so tightly with stone. Theories ranging from unidentified technology to even extraterrestrial construction, no one knows for sure how they were so magnificently built.
Ancient Egyptian civilization ended in approximately 30 B.C. This occurred when the Roman Empire overpowered Egypt, therefore making it a province. Pharaohs no longer ruled after this time period.
Although the Ancient Egyptian civilization did not last forever, the impact it has made on our society has lasted throughout the centuries. Egypt is a fascinating country with a lot of history behind it, so it is important to know about how it has contributed to where we stand today.

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