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Ancient Egyptian Pyramids Essay

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Ancient Egyptian Pyramids


Pyramids were very large, took a long time to build and many people were needed to build them.

There were many rooms inside the pyramids and each room was very large. There were many

secret passageways with lots of traps. It took many blocks to build one pyramid and these blocks

were very large.

Why I’m writing this paper

I am writing this paper because I studied about Ancient Egypt. I learned a

lot about pyramids and how they were made, working on the TAG project. I also want to learn if

pyramids were built by just men or if women were also involved. I want to learn more about how

long it took to build them and if many people died while building them. I’d like to know how

many blocks were used in building the pyramids, how tall they are, how many men it took to

build one and if the blocks were small or large. I also would like to know how they got the blocks

up so high.

I think researching this paper will make a difference in my life because I might be able to tell my

own kids about what I learn. Also, I can hold a conversation with my family and friends about

this subject and help them understand some of the interesting facts.

The Search

I went about looking for my information by using my computer at home when I had spare time. I

used many different WEB sites to collect facts on this subject. My Dad also helped me get some

of the information off of our home computer. He was a big help! I also got some of my

information off of the computers at school and from books I found in the school library. Most of

the information was gathered from my home computer.
What I Learned and Didn’t

While researching Ancient Egyptian pyramids, I learned that Egypt became a united nation about

5000 years ago. For 3000 years, it was ruled by its own Kings. Egypt was divided into several

different Periods, but the most important were the Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom and New

Kingdom. During The Old Kingdom, the rulers built the pyramids. The men who built the

pyramids were led by the kings, engineers and architects. I also found that they were so big

because they...

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