Ancient Eyptian Religion Essay

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? Egyptian Mythology ( religion of Ancient Egypt )- Dominating influence in their culture's development- Based on an unorganized collection of ancient myths, nature worship, innumerable deities? Creation ( Based on the Egyptian belief )- Only the ocean existed at first- Ra, the sun, came out of an egg ( a flower, in some versions ) that appeared on the surface of the water- Ra's four children: gods - Shu and Geb; goddesses - Tefnut and Nut- Shu and Tefnut: became the atmosphere; they stood on Geb, who became the earth, and raised up Nut, who became the sky.- Ra: over-all ruler- Geb and Nut's two sons: Set and Osiris; two daughters: Isis and Nephthys- Osiris: succeeded Ra as king of the earth; helped by Isis, his sister-wife- Set: hated his brother and killed him- Isis: embalmed Osiris' body with the help of the god Anubis- Anubis: god of embalming- Isis: resurrected Osiris through powerful charms- Osiris: king of the netherworld ( land of the dead )- Horus ( son of Osiris and Isis ) defeated Set in a battle and became king of the earth? Local gods- Each local temple possessed its own:? Ennead: a group of nine divinities? Triad: divine father, mother and son- Origin of local deities is obscure:? Some were taken from foreign religions? Some were originally animal gods of prehistoric Afric- Some important divinities:? gods:AmonHapiThothPtahKhnemu? goddesses:HathorMutNeitSekhet? Iconography- Egyptian gods were represented with human torsos and human/animal heads- Examples:? Ra - head of a hawk ( swift flight across the sky )? Hathor ( goddess of love and laughter ) - head of a cow? Anubis - head of a jackal- Sacred animals were venerated? Sun worship- Ra (only important god who was worshiped with consistency): chief of cosmic deities- Middle Kingdom ( 2134 -...

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