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In January of this year a very unique find, was revealed to the world. This was found in the Vayots Dzor region in Armenia, a place that is becoming a hot bed for Archaeologists. In the area a complete wine factory that dates to 4100 BCE, as well as leather shoe with actual shoe laces dating back to 3500 BCE. The reason that both are so unique is because the factory is the oldest one found; the shoe was found perfectly preserved.
The wine factory was found near a little town that is still known for the production of wine. Ancient grape seeds are what lead Archaeologists to look in the area; these grape seeds are from the Vitis vinifera vinifera variety that are still in use today. According to Meg Sullivan in a press release January 14, 2011, “including grape seeds, withered grape vines, remains of pressed grapes, a rudimentary wine press, a clay vat apparently used for fermentation, wine-soaked potsherds, and even a cup and drinking bowl.” (Sullivan, Happy News). This goes to show that there was an actual working factory 6100 years ago.
This is such an important find for numerous reasons. Even though there is no evidence of an actual wine press this is not surprising, since up until the 19th century, stomping grapes was still going on in the Mediterranean area, along with the Caucasus region (Sullivan, Happy News). After Noah's Ark landed on Mount Ararat, for instance, the Bible says he planted a vineyard, harvested grapes, produced wine and got drunk (Sullivan, Happy News). This area being the oldest wine making facility can give credence to people who believe Holy Scriptures.
Although the wine factory is a great boon for people, the find of a shoe perfectly preserved for 5500 yrs., is also spectacular. Meg Sullivan for UCLA today states, “The cave's stable, cool and dry conditions are credited with the exceptional condition of the various objects that were found there, including large containers, many of which held well-preserved wheat and barley, apricots and other edible plants. The preservation was also helped by the fact that the floor of the cave was covered by a thick layer of sheep dung, which acted as a solid seal over the objects.” (Sullivan, UCLA International Institute).
It is unknown if the shoe would fit a man or woman, but it would possibly fit a woman size 7. Ron Pinhasi, the study's lead author said, “the Armenian shoe is very similar to the "pampooties" worn in the Aran Islands on Ireland's west coast up to the 1950s. In fact, enormous similarities exist between the manufacturing technique and style of the [Armenian] shoe and those found across Europe at later periods, suggesting that this type of shoe was worn for thousands of years across a large and environmentally diverse region." (Sullivan, UCLA International Institute). Letting us know what an important find this really is.
These finds are in an area called the Armenian Highlands, where some believe it’s the cradle of civilization. According to...

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