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Ancient Futures By Wayne B. Chandler

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Democracy on trial was a debate format discussing mainly the idea of whether or not the government should be more involved in our lives. The first side debated that yes the government needs to be more involved in our lives, our social and economic standing is suffering due to their lack of not being involved enough. The second side felt that some changes needed to be made, but it should not be coming from the government, they are involved in our lives too much already. This debate is incredibly common in our country during this time. It is as if it is a never ending loop of constant discussion. The names, faces, and wording may be different but everything else is exactly the same. Then ...view middle of the document...

The government needs to stimulate demand in the market by spending more money in the market. Also more money needs to be provided to the poorer citizens so they become more active and engaged, as it is difficult to focus on society and politics when you are so focused on where your next meal will come from. If the original Ladakhs looked at these problems and solutions confusion would ensue. They would wonder why the government would ever need to get involved in the first place because there should be no problems. Carbon emissions are irrelevant to them as everything that comes from the earth goes back to the earth. There is nothing but natural resources. Hazardous workplaces do not exist as there is no complex machinery. There is also no need to stimulate an economy in Ladakh society. A grain of rice is worth exactly one grain of rice. While we have a complex conversion system that converts a grain of rice to a number value which is not even constant as our market is always fluctuating. There is also no poor or rich in Ladakh so there is no worrying about them not being involved citizens because of class. Jared would have no reason to debate in Ladakh society as these problems do not exist.
The second speaker, Andrew, took the position that the government should be in our lives as little as possible. We personally should determine how our life functions as much as possible. The main points made here were that the government should supply every citizen with a guaranteed standard of living, but allow them to spend it on whatever...

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