Ancient Greek And Ancient Egyptian Art Compared A Very Brief Overview Of Greek Art Compared To Egyptian Art (Ancient That Is). It Basically Gives Details About Both Comparing Them.

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Ancient Greek and Ancient Egyptian Art ComparedEgyptian art comes from the paintings the Egyptians created in the tombs of rich people when they died. These pictures were supposed to help the dead person out when he or she reached the next world, where the Egyptians thought you lived after you died in this world. At first, carvers had a hard time painting the pictures but in about 2160 B.C. they started taking short cuts and made their work sloppier.Greek art was much different from the Egyptians art. One of their styles of art was sculpting. In Crete, between about 1700 and 1450 BC, the Minoans produced a lot of medium-sized figurines, mainly made of metal and ivory. The Greeks learned how to make big stone statues from the Egyptians. At this time many Greek men were working in Egypt as soldiers, and so they had a chance to see Egyptian statues and learn how they were made. One Egyptian technique is to have a triangle for the face and two upside-down triangles for the hair. This makes the hair help support the neck, which otherwise might be too thin to hold up the head. Another Egyptian idea is to have one foot a little in front of the other, which also helps the statue to stand up and not fall over. One difference is that the Greeks always made their statues nude (without clothes), while the Egyptian statues always wore clothes. This is because the Greeks thought that men's bodies were sacred and that the gods liked to see them. In the Severe style, sculptors began to make statues more true to life, and with...

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1286 words - 5 pages , perhaps from the studio of the painter. The upper light highlights St. Matthew’s face as well as the group who is sitting along the table. The light behind Saint Peter and Christ is only present with them and could possibly be done purposely as miraculous appearance. (conta)A bit of a blending technique was used in the painting; however it’s a bit difficult to make some of it out. You can tell that he had paid extra concentration to the

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2052 words - 8 pages icons was not accepted by leaders of the church, which occurred because the use of icons to teach people of Christianity was similar to that of polytheistic religions like paganism or in this case ancient Greek mythology. Word Count: 564 Part E: Conclusion Ancient Greek and Byzantine artwork is overall quite different, yet Byzantine art contains and incorporates aspects of Greek artwork here and there. It may not be a significant and

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920 words - 4 pages The investigation of the role of women in the Art of ancient Greece is complex because artists were affected both by the art of the past and the women that they saw around them every day. There is one certainty and that is that the influence of the various roles evident produced some of the greatest art ever. The purpose of this page is to investigate the various influences that women had and provide information to help the understanding of this

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2068 words - 8 pages Beauty is More Than Skin Deep: Depictions of Aging Women in Ancient Egyptian Art In Ancient Egypt, women are typically shown as youthful and beautiful while more mature, older women are very rarely depicted. For men of the time, ageing is shown in art more frequently because it was a positive aspect of manhood. For ancient Egyptians, art wasn’t just made for pleasure or beauty; it was a very practical and necessary part of the day-to-day

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2179 words - 9 pages Temple architecture : There are two kinds of temple architecture, cult temples, and funerary or mortuary temples. They accomedated the images of dieties, the recipients of the daily cult ; the latter was the shrines for the funerary of the dead kings.Cult temples : It is generally thought that the Egyptian temple of the Dynastic Period owed most to the cult of the sun god Re at Heliopolis. The temple of Re was probably open to

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834 words - 3 pages inscriptions. Egyptian art gives an image of them selves and there culture. When talking about Egyptian art we generally refer to paintings and sculptures that were used to decorate tombs. There is a strong belief in the afterlife for Egyptians. This belief was the reason for the embalming of bodies, the statues, carvings, and the paintings. The paintings in these tombs told stories of who and how the deceased was in life, so that he could proceed

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1738 words - 7 pages order has a capital that is very elaborate unlike Ionic and Doric. Corinthian is the fanciest of all the columns it is decorated with leaves and/or flowers of variety (Ancient Greece). Yet unlike Doric and Ionic roofs, which are at a slant, the Corinthian roof is flat (Bruce R.). Greek Architecture was the stepping stones for much of the architecture we see today and can also be seen in some of today’s more common buildings. In the Victorian days

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926 words - 4 pages used by the person when living.A variety of perspectives is often combined in Egyptian art; however, the side view is the most often seen. The artists used bright colors of blue and red, orange and white to develop pictures that tell of the life of the deceased individual. The artist would first sketch a design on a piece of pottery, and if the design was satisfactory, it would be sketched on the wall with charcoal. Colors could then be used to

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920 words - 4 pages fed and clothed them while they labored for him" and they knew the work would please the gods (Mendelssohn, Page 42). These workers were very skilled in using copper chisels, wooden mallets and wedges to cut the block into different shapes and sizes. The "masons who cut the casing stones of the Great Pyramid were so skillful that someone could not even fit a sheet of paper between the stones" (Lehner, Page 14). Some pyramids took up to twenty years

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1645 words - 7 pages was seen as a tremendous achievement, worthy of the best artist among different nations.This sculpture, carved out of bronze during the Ancient Greek Olympic Era, is a very famous work. Archaeologists have hypothesized that this woman, known as the Bronze Running Woman, was a creation of a Spartan artist. It is believed to be so, because of the Spartans great belief in the advancement of women's rights and freedoms. Spartans believed that if a

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665 words - 3 pages To understand ancient Egypt, one must understand ancient Egyptian art. Studying ancient Egyptian art, one can understand how they lived, worked and what they believed in including religion. The ancient Egyptians also believed in the afterlife so tomb painting, was also an important part of ancient Egyptian art.      The ancient Egyptians made their paintbrushes from either coarse palm leaves or knotted rope that was beaten at one end to

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1306 words - 5 pages -forwardness (in keeping with the clarity and complete representation of the Egyptian style). As for the Greek stele, it is more intimate, a glance into a moment of that person's life (very naturalistic). The Roman stele is, without a doubt, glorifying. The Romans most certainly had an egotistical attitude about them. Why should it surprise anyone to see it within the art that was meant to memorialize them? Comparing these three civilizations has shown