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Ancient Greek Mythology Study Notes Essay

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In the BeginningChaos – a vast dark confusionUranus – god of the skyGaia – mother earthThe TitansKronos – titan rulerRhea – titian queenAtlas – titan condemned to hold up the sky/EarthPrometheus – titan who served as Zeus’ advisor until he gave man fireThe Olympians of Mt OlympusZeus – god of the sky, mightiest of all Greek gods, weapon is lightning boltPoseidon – Zeus’ brother, god of sea and earthquakes, weapon trident, hates OdysseusHades – Zeus’ brother, god of the underworld and the deadHera – wife of Zeus, contestant in the beauty contestHestia – goddess of the hearthDemeter – goddess of the harvestHephiastos – lame and ugly smith godAthena – goddess of wisdom, and war, contest in the beauty contestAphrodite – goddess of beauty and love, contestant in the beauty contestApollo – god of music and poetry, twin brother to ArtemisArtemis – goddess of the hunt, twin sister to ApolloHermes – messenger for the godsPersephone – goddess of the underworld, trapped and tricked by HadesAres – god of warNike – goddess of victoryDionysus – the god of winePan – man with goat feet who roamed in the wildernessProteus – old man of the seaMorpheus – the god of dreamsThe FatesThree goddesses who spin, measure and cut the yarn which is your life. No one can change his fateNymphsGoddess like women who live in the wilderness of Earth and who epitomize female beautyThe FuriesFlying female monsters with serpent hair and bloody eyes who torture those who escape lawful punishment of a crimeThe MusesNine daughters of Zeus who inspire and preside over thought in all forms: epic poetry, history, mime, music, dance, choral poetry, tragedy, comedy, and astronomy.The PoetsHomer – a Greek who wrote The Iliad and The Odyssey around 700BCVirgil – a Roman who wrote The Aeneid around 25 BCOvid – a Roman who wrote The Metamorphoses around 7ADDante – an Italian who wrote The Divine Comedy (The Inferno) around 1300ADMonstersGorgonsSirensScyllaCharybdisCharonCerberusHarpiesFuriesCyclopsTHE TROJAN WAR 1250 BCHomer: written around 700 BCThe Iliad – story of Achilles’ rage and his quarrel with Agamemnon. Ilium is another name for TroyThe Odyssey – story of Odysseus’s 10-year journey home from the war.Virgil: written around 25BCThe Aeneid - Retells the story of the wooden horse and the burning of Troy from the Trojan point of view.Trojan War: The PlayersThe Gods:Eris- the goddess of discordThetis – sea goddess and mother of AchillesThe MortalsThe Trojans:Priam – king of TroyHecuba – queen of TroyHector – royal son and the greatest of the Trojan warriorsParis – royal son, lover or abductor of Helen, judge of the beauty contest between the 3 goddesses, his actions spark the Trojan WarCassandra – royal daughter, a prophetess who is doomed to never be believedAeneas – a...

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