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The sound of the waves crashing on to the ship cruising through the sea, the cold winter breeze running through my red cheeks and the tight grip onto my sword, I could hear my heart thumping out of my fully armored chest. The thought of going to my very first battle terrified me but I knew in my heart that I had to become brace, courageous and strong for my fallen father. The ship hit land and made a stop. My body froze in fear and my heart raced again in anxiety. I watched as the soldiers preparing themselves and walk to battle field made me have terrible visions of dead men on the ground covered in blood. “I don’t want to die…I don’t want to die like that.” I said to myself. I slowly made ...view middle of the document...

I looked at Captains back to avoid looking at the malicious area. “We’re almost there but keep your guard up they could be some around.” Captain said. “Captain, if you don’t mind me asking, why were we sent here? What’s up ahead?” I asked. Captain made a huge stop and looked at me straight in the eyes. “You don’t know why we are here?” Captain asked. “Well of course not, I mean, we were rushed to get in gear and head to the docks without giving any details on what’s going on.” “As if I can tell him that.” I thought to myself. He gave out a huge sigh and started explaining. “We’re saving the Mystic’s daughter who is the princess of SpringHaven. She was kidnapped by the Gnolls somehow and they’re planning on holding her hostage and threatening the whole Mystic race to come down here to let her go. We were ordered to come down here in a hurry before the rest the Mystics come and become extinct.” Captain said. “It’s ironic really, to do something so malicious to get what you want, to live peacefully like everyone else.” Captain said. Just by telling me I could tell by his hallow eyes that the Gnolls plan makes him sick. “There’s more to that but I’ll explain more when all of this is over, if we make it out of here that is.” Captain said with a chuckle. He started marching forward as the group followed him. My curiosity drove me crazy to wonder why the Gnolls would want to kill the entire Mystic race in one go. Why the Mystic race so ancient?
We reached our destination and I saw our comrades fighting hand to hand with the Gnolls already. “Are we late?” I asked. “No we are just in time, keep your hand down.” Captain said. We got on our knees and started to crawl, hiding under the bushes, going around the battle field to avoid the fight. “Where are we heading?” I asked. “Where the princess is, of course.” Captain said sounding annoyed with me. “But wher-.” As I stick out my head out of the bushes I stopped myself when I saw a sight of the most beautiful woman wearing a long, white satin dress. Brown skin with bright, round green eyes. Curly Dark brown hair. The sun shining her make her look like a saint. I was in a trance until I felt a grab on my face, pulling back into the bushes. “Are you mad? You could’ve blown our cover.” Captain said. “Anyway here is what we going to do to distract their boss. My archers, strike his weak spot to bring him down. My two builders shot and hold him down using your chain gun and finally my warriors follow me to where the princess is, get in your shield position and help guard the Mercenary cut the ropes to set her free.” Captain ordered. “Me?” I said with a puzzled face. “Easy job,...

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