Ancient Roman Society Influence On The United States

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Today, the United States is the fifth largest country in the world, with over 294 Embassies and Consulates around the world our influence is quite significant. Ancient Rome contained about 20% of the world’s population of the time; it is remembered as the greatest empire in history, with ties all over the eastern hemisphere from Britain, to Egypt, to all the way to China. Ancient Rome as we know contributed significantly to modern society and is not without influence on us here in the United States. Rome’s influences included aspects ranging from their public benefits, to their use of glass, to their use of concrete, to their administration system. But, there are three influences of Ancient Rome that still reverberate through time and still have an incredible impact in our society. The first influence that Rome gave us would be their form of government, specifically their Republic Era that lasted nearly five hundred years. Ancient Rome also gifted us with the idea of benefits for those who can’t provide for themselves. Furthermore, from Ancient Rome we got the idea of providing public services that are funded with tax dollars.

Many aspects of our government has ties to that of Ancient Rome’s government in one way or another and in even some ways you may never have thought of. First off, Ancient Rome’s government is split into three different branches each with their own powers in the government. They have a senate, an assembly, and a consul with power divided between the three using a system of checks and balances. We currently have a government split into three branches too, with a system of checks and balances to disperse the power between the three. Our system is set up with an executive, legislative, and judicial branch. Our executive branch is very much so comparable to how the Romans ran theirs. They had two consuls to govern the branch and we have a President and the Vice President for our executive branch. Our legislative branch is divided into a Senate and a House of Representatives, the Romans had a Senate and an Assembly as their own separate branches of government but they still provided a similar function. The judicial branch that Romans had still played a major role in the government but, it did not exist as its own branch. In Ancient Rome much of the power was in the family. At some points the head of their government came from a distinct family like the Julio-Claudia dynasty or the Flavin Dynasty. In our government there are a few certain families that are somewhat influential in our government and will come up in the news from time to time. Such as, The Kennedy Family, The Clintons, The Bush Family, and The Gores. In Ancient Rome the areas that Rome would conquer would be added to the Empire, they would become their own little providences; they their own government and their governor that would report back to Roman Officials. This could be compared to how the United States is made up of States with their own State Government...

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