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Ancient Rome’s Impact On The World

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Rough Draft: Ancient Rome’s Impact on The World
Ancient Rome had of the largest influences to the development of Western Civilization, through many sorts. Rome had countless achievements through literature, culture, and mainly architecture. Rome also developed a political system of government that is still used similarly today. Today, efficient water and aqueducts are also used and were made by the Greeks and Romans. Latin was Rome’s most common language, and this allowed their roots of latin develop into Spanish, French, Italian, and other languages. Ancient Rome has portrayed it’s effect through today’s society through science, literature and culture; although, architecture was Rome’s main contribution.
Culture is an extremely important role to be considered when studying how Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece effected today’s society. Rome was one of the greatest, and strongest empires in history, and it contributed a base of language, a government structure, and other cultural influences. It also had social classes of citizens, non citizens, and slaves. The top of the government was senate, when the Roman Republic was developed in 509 B.C, when Roman nobles overthrew the king. They also developed the law of nations, and the amount of service years required in the army. There was an extensive system of imperial government to administer the empire's' vast territories and link them to the capital. It allowed the provinces a measure of independence, and this is still subjected today to military control and taxation. Rome and Greece left a form of democracy but still fall of these factors are used in today’s society. Also in Rome’s culture, parents arranged marriages for their children at ages 12-14. Bathhouses were also served as centers for daily exercise, bathing, and socializing; much like a gym today. Celebrations of the holidays were used for public entertainment, such as in fights in the famous structure, The Colosseum. Here there were held chariot races, gladiator fights,criminal punishing, and fights, this may relate to jail and a punishment.Christianity was their main religion. Latin Literature also carried into the 21st century, such as Greek amphitheatres hosting plays turned into theatres turned into concerts. As a Roman, visiting the bath house daily was a must (See Picture 1). The bathhouses were extremely popular, they had hot pools, cold pools, saunas, exercise rooms, hair salons, and even slaves to wait on the guests. The amount of people there could range from 300-1500, depending on the size. Today, gyms, salons, and social gathering places such as bars, were all separate. This can also bring in a perspective of how a mall might have started. This shows that something as simple as that can be carried on for centuries, and so similar situations with government or gladiator fights both developing into Democracies and boxing.
A major conflict developed between Ancient Greece and Rome when Rome began taking ideas from Greek art. An...

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