Primitive Society To A Modern Market Society

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In my opinion, history has played a tremendous part in bringing the economy to what it is today. New and creative ideas were adapted to, while the old ideas were replaced. Actually, some of the old ideas are still use in the modern economic society today. Although we did evolve in our economy, the primitive society still exists in the modern society. An example of a primitive society in today's times is the economy of our homes. Most homes only consider its immediate family as the only ones to care for. Well, I say that's not true. In other western countries around the world, people still have the obligations to support relatives. One example of this is that a family can only afford to send one child to school. That child goes to school while all the other family members work. Then that one child gets a degree, gets a decent job and is making some money. It is only out of obligation that you help out your family to get the others to school and on track to lead better lives. To help your children support their own families until they are able to handle themselves on their own. The primitive economy is not fully replaced but has changed to what it is today.One may wonder how did this happen. How come our whole economy was based on family and underlying traditional lines and how did it change? I believed it all started when the white man came to North America and met the native Indians. The white men showed the Indians things they have never seen before, such as metal pots and guns. These were things that would greatly help the Indians in their way of life. This new technology impressed the Indians. Just by this, the primitive society has just started to move into a more market economy. Just by having the metal pots and the new guns, they technology was getting greater and there was no looking back from that point on. One of the reasons why a primitive society was replaced was because of a lack of technology. They also lacked a modern economic organization. The way our economy functions is that the consumer buys the product and then produces a chain reaction. After the product is bought, the store will order more from the manufacturer. The manufacturer will then order the more material to make more products. The material is produced from those who either harvest it or get it from another source. This is the base of our economy. The economy is based on the consumers making money, then spending it. In a primitive economy, trade would take place for the goods that either the French or the English brought from Europe. It's still sounds like the same system. For example, to make the pots they needed material and therefore the material needs to be engineered.A primitive economy was very personal. There is no competition against the company selling. There was only one source for the consumer to go to. There was no notion of better quality in the goods they were trading for. They traded the number of beaver skins for whatever product they were interested...

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