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And Now I Am Here Essay

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There is a lone swing among the darkened trees of the park one night late in June. I squeal, disentangling our hands, running at the sight of it. Footsteps shuffle behind me, struggling to keep up. I smile until my cheeks hurt. I’m flying. His paper thin hands pushing me back and forth imbue me with a sense of security.
The trees are withered, leaves shrivelled. The sun soundlessly slips into the horizons grasp.
My grandfather starts to sing
“would you like to swing on a star…”
And then we were there, and now we are gone.
4:30 pm. “Stupid alarm!,” scramble, grumble, munching on the last of my banana bread. I navigate my way along the footpath under the trees to avoid the afternoon ...view middle of the document...

“It’s pretty good, we are studying T.S Eliot! I reply, absorbing the charm of sweet brown autumn leaves, as they spiral down from trees like confetti.
“Great poet, he is. One of my favourites. I have measured my life out in coffeespoons,” he wrote.
“Wait, where is your walking stick?” I ask hastily, suddenly realising how unbalanced he looks.
He glances at me, furrow forming in his brow. “Oh, I lost it, somewhere, someplace,” he says, with an exasperated sigh, instinctively brushing me aside as he walks ahead through the park.
Fall of the leaf. Fall of the year. Fall of a life. Fall of your thoughts. Fall of your memories.
Today something almost imperceptible was different about the swing. A loose screw, a squeaky joint, chain links tangled.
How’s Bill doing?” I inquire about his oldest friend.
“Bill, Bill who?” After a seeming interminable amount of time his eyes light up and he replies “Ah, Yes! Bill well he’s….he’s…doing just fine,” while scratching his head.
The march of time is relentless and waits for no one…

And then we were there, and now we are gone.

I wasn’t prepared for this. In all the years I have...

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