And The Winner Is? A Look At How Bush Unfairly Won The 2000 Presidential Election

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There is quite a bit of controversy involved in the presidential election of 2000. There is evidence to support that Al Gore would have in fact won the election, if it were fair to both parties. This is not to say that the outcome was necessarily to George W. Bush’s fault, but the final result was improperly and unjustly swayed in his direction. The nation was held in the balance for nearly an entire month to learn the outcome of the election and who would be the next president of the United States of America. George W. Bush, losing the popular vote, managed to win the electoral votes giving him the victory due to legal technicalities and improper equipment. The series of events ensuing the election quickly showed that there were issues. Instead of properly investigating the issues a quick decision was made setting forth enormous implementations on the outcome of the 2000 presidential election.
The American economy saw massive expansion in the 1990s. The Democratic Party was strong, led by a democratic President Bill Clinton, and a democratic Vice President Al Gore. Clinton had served his two terms in office, therefore unable to run for a third term. Vice President Gore was favored to run election and to also receive the democratic nomination. Gore had the strong economy of the 90s to support his run for office, which could be attributed to the Clinton administration in some ways. According to H. W. Brands in his book American Dreams, “the first rule of American politics is that voters reward incumbents for prosperity”1 which is exactly what Clinton and Gore gave the people. However, Gore would have to get past the scandals of the Clinton administration in order to win the popular vote. This deemed to not be too large of a hurdle, as Gore showed the people his successes as vice president resulting in support.
This set the stage for George W. Bush to come in and win votes that might have gone to Gore, had the Clinton scandals not occurred. Bush was the current governor of Texas after being reelected to a second term in 1998. Bush’s father, George H. W. Bush, was president before Clinton. The fact that George H. Bush was only president a mere eight years ago gave Bush a strong backing as well. The Republican Party needed someone who could pull the entirety of the republican vote if they were going to defeat Gore. This is where George W. Bush really came through. Bush easily won over the south, due to his Christian ideology. He was easily able to win over the republican vote and secure the republican nomination. Bush showed the people he wanted to help by running as the “compassionate conservative”2 and stating, “the government feed the body, but it cannot reach the soul”3. Bush gave promises of helping the middle class and the poor.
The outcome of two very likeable candidates was a solid split of acceptance: the democrats favoring Gore, and the republicans favoring Bush. As the election drew near, it became very apparent...

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