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And They Met Essay

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Like every other night she was deeply engrossed in yet another of her midnight musings. She held a paperback copy of ‘to kill a mockingbird’ close to her eyes , her eyes deeply scanning every word after word as if she were drinking the holy waters from the heaven curing every bit of the insecurities popping in her head ever since. Reading had always been an escape for her an escape from the world she lived. Her quiet stupor was broken when she heard the sound of a vehicle stopping by. She removed her blanket, kept the book aside and walked towards the window. She had not had her sleepers on and the floor was freezing. She peeped out of the window sill curiously. The car was parked right ...view middle of the document...

Lace curtains to allow as much light to brighten the room. A dressing table at the corner arranged with fancy holders and some daily use items stacked on them. She pulled the drawer of the side table and grabbed the prescription and the tablets. She needed her prescription for the initial days of the dosage. It had not been very long that the doctor had prescribed her the tranquilizers. She was quite used to taking multiple tablets in one gulp and was pretty dexterous at it and from dexterous I do not mean that she developed some multiple hands and legs for having them but her oesophagus definitely had developed a resistance to tablets getting struck.
The sun was beginning to caste its rays on the lonely planet with all its grace and opulence but there were still traces of darkness left unlit ever since. It wasn’t the sun or the light to be blamed. Sometimes certain corners of the heart are not that easy to fathom. Such was a heart Pankaj had had although coming down to his grandparents gave him a sense of relief. From the dusty commotion of the city life Dehradun breathed heavenly. Little had he known that this visit would surprisingly change his life for good, give him a reason to love his precious life?
He tightened up his shoe laces, pulled up the zipper of his track suit and stealthily walked out the doors through the corridors and then the hall taking care not to disturb his grandparents sleep. He stuck a note on the main door which read “ Out for a stroll. Didn’t want to wake you up! Please do not worry will be back in an hour and a half. Love Pankaj” before he shut it...

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