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Many people have pondered about what the future will be like. They contemplate on whether or not the world will be a technological haven or a desolate wasteland. In the book Andra, by Louis Lawrence, the setting occurs below the Earth’s surface two thousand years from today. Within the novel, people’s lives are filled with boundaries and limitations. People have to live underground because Earth’s atmosphere is too contaminated to live in. Andra is the name of the main character who has had a brain graft to fix her blindness, but that also, unexpectedly, gave her the memories of a boy that died in 1987. This makes Andra see the difference in freedom between the two time periods. The novel tells the story of how Andra gains supporters and ultimately earns the permission of the leaders to move, along with 500 settlers, to a planet just like Earth used to be. In the story, Andra, the time, location, and customs significantly affect the mood, tone, and overall feeling of the book.
Though the novel, the author, Louis Lawrence, is trying to convey that in the future there may be better technology, but that doesn’t mean that life in general will be improved. In Andra, the technology is so significantly advanced that anyone with impurities is to be “expired.” To be “expired” means to be humanely euthanized. Andra was “on her way to be expired” (Lawrence 5) when the doctor that operated on her heard that the basis she was to be “expired” was plainly due to blindness. Another component that is superior to science today is the duration of time that people live. In the novel, the oldest man alive is “Over three hundred years old. Everyone had heard of Professor Kiroyo” (Lawrence 41). Professor Kiroyo is three hundred years old because of a operation performed on him multiple times that transplanted his brain to a new, younger body. A third thing that proves the novel’s time period takes place in the future is the fact that there is space exploration. The ships used are greatly complex and take plenty of work, “The leaving of the ships was the end of Kiroyo’s three hundred years of work among books and end of the president’s desire to create a new and better place, but for Andra, it was the beginning of the future of planet 801” (Lawrence 229). The time period is clearly vital to the outcome and sentiment of the story.
Since the novel occurs distantly into the future, Earth’s surface has changed phenomenally. The novel takes place beneath the Earth’s crust because “the surface of the Earth is no longer habitable” (Lawrence 50). One of the reasons for this is that Earth is too full of human ravage to be suitable to live on. Not only is the required move underground caused by humans, but also because, as Lawrence puts it, “Everything is different then as it used to be, Earth revolves around the sun on a different orbit. It takes four years to swing around the sun and Earth is so far from the sun that the whole surface is frozen” (51). In...

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