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Andrew And Paris Essay

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Andrew and Paris
-The Mobster Falls In Love-
"Hey son, grab the paper", said Andrew Wallace's father, famous mobster, George Wallace. Andrew picked up the newspaper and from the table and handed it to his father. Mr. Wallace began read and read something about The Red Scare.
"Did you hear about how everyone is scared of Communism taking over?" Andrew asked his father.
"Yes my boy, but it doesn't affect us yet, we're still making money so let's not worry about this right now", Mr. Wallace replied.
"Okay, well I'm going to go and get ready", said Andrew.
Just as Andrew was about to leave the living room, the door bell rang. He went to open the large, ornate doors to let his father's close friend, Jesse Smith, in. Jesse hugged Andrew; Jesse loved Andrew like his very own son. Afterwards, Andrew excused himself to leave again. Mr. Wallace and Mr. Smith stayed in the living room and chatted about what was lately happening in the news. Andrew strode to his room and called his own best friend Mark Roberts. They agreed to meet at the Wallace Penthouse, the largest penthouse in New York. Andrew got dressed and went down to the living room to tell his father that he was going out.
"Hey dad, I'm going to the penthouse", said Andrew.
"Alright son, I might be there later for a drink or two", said Mr. Wallace.
Andrew bid his father and Mr. Smith farewell and left. As he made his way to the penthouse, he flirted with a few girls; all the girls adored Andrew and he knew it.
Andrew saw Mark a block from the penthouse and they walked the rest go the way together. They then reached the penthouse and entered. Due to the Prohibition law, the Wallace Penthouse became a speakeasy. Andrew enjoyed breaking the law, getting away with it, and doing whatever he pleased. Andrew and Matk began to take a few drinks when they saw a gorgeous girl across the room drinking and laughing with some friends. Andrew strode over to her with the intention to charm her like he did to many other girls.
"Well hello there, I'm Andrew, and who might you be?" he said with his hand outstretched and a charming smile on his face.
"Hi, my I'm Paris", she said with an outgoing smile.
As soon as she smiled, Andrew knew that Paris wasn't like any of the other girls he had met, she was different. That smile made him feel something he had never felt before. Andrew fell in love withher the moment he lated his eyes on her. You could say that it was love at first sight.
"Is the seat next to you taken?" He asked.
"No, would you like to sit down?", she asked.
He sat down and they started talking like they'd known each other for years. As soon as they began talking they felt like they had a connection. Paris's friends saw it too and excused themselves to give the two lovebirds some privacy. Andrew and Paris were so into each other that they didn't even...

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