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Andrew Jackson Democratic Essay

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According to these documents, President Andrew Jackson was democratic because he order protection over the Native Americans, fought for the common man to have a greater role in government, and limited the power of the government.
Andrew Jackson had an Indian removal and ordered all Native Americans to the Indian Territory. 5 different Native american tribes took this journey west of the Mississippi river and the Arkansas territory to the Indian Territory to protect them from fatally being killed. He specifically states that, “Humanity and national honor demand that every effort should be made to avert so great a calamity.” (Doc.8) To keep this calamity, he suggested that all Native Americans should move or can stay but live by the same laws as everybody. Too many Native American tribes have been moved/kicked out that he guarantees if they move to the Indian territory they will be safe. This is democratic because the Native Americans were under threat. At this point citizens that live near these indians would kill them. This is Andrew Jacksons way of making sure that these Native Americans will not become extinct.
The Indian Removal of 1831-1840’s moved 5 different Native American tribes to the Indian territory. Tribes from as far as Florida took this journey to the safe Indian Territory. The Seminole tribe traveled close to 1,200 miles to reach the Indian territory. About 500 miles of it was crossing the waters of The Gulf of Mexico with the help of Andrew Jackson's military escorts. It made the migration easier for the Seminole tribe. The Indian territory was about 400 miles long, it is present day Oklahoma. I find this Democratic because Andrew Jackson did not segregate only one tribe in the U.S, but moved 5 different Native American societies to this safe region of the Indian Territory.
Andrew Jackson adopted a Native American baby boy who was one of the last branches of his Indian tribe. Andrew Jackson states in his letter to his wife that , “Charity and Christianity says he ought to be taken care of and I...

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