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The Blue Door was painted by American artist Andrew Wyeth on a 29” by 21” piece of watercolor paper. In this painting, he used aquarelle as it currently lies in the Delaware Art Museum along with his other works; Tennant Farmer, Hussey’s House and Arthur Cleveland. The Blue Door was finished in the spring of 1952 and purchased from Wyeth on the 23rd of September the same year. The floor and walls are mainly composed of wooden/ ceramic panels parallel to each other. The surface of each (floor and walls) are implied to have gone though many decades untouched and unfixed as they are rough and dirty. The source of light is evidently the window to the right of the door as it brings light onto parts of the door, walls, floor, basket and bucket. The bucket hangs on the nail attached to the wall between the door and window and there is a basket under the window sitting on a ceramic surface. The blue door is age-weary as it shows signs of peeling and it reflects off the light emanating from the window. Contrast is the easiest principle of design to spot as there is great use of notan in the painting and distinction between the light from the window and the dark room. There are radial and asymmetrical balances in this picture for the floor designs are parallel and repeating thus being symmetrical and there is no part repeated in the general overview of this painting. Wyeth also uses line to draw the viewer’s attention to the door as the lines in the floor, walls, ceiling and windows all point towards the door. Andrew then uses contrast and line to create emphasis on the door for it’s the focal point of the painting. Positive and negative space is created through Wyeth’s outline of the door and its surroundings. In the Blue Door, the painting is implied 3D when it’s actually 2D, however; the use of depth and shading is used to create this appearance. The simple use of monochromatic and complementary colors is used to strengthen the image, as blue is a primary color and beige is almost its secondary counterpart. To create this artwork, Wyeth probably would’ve drawn it out, mixed his paints on his pallets and painted, which was a very old (but useful) method of painting. Andrew Wyeth’s use of aquarelle helps create the contrast between light and dark for aquarelle is regularly transparent thus helping the lighter side of the contrast. The American painter probably created this painting to intrigue the insatiable greed of knowledge of people, because the natural inquiring brain would want an explanation for what are behind the blue door.
Andrew Wyeth (1917-2009) is a second generation painter following in the steps of his father, N.C. Wyeth, and was renowned for his artwork throughout the 21st and 20th centuries. Pennsylvania native, Andrew Wyeth, learned his only art lessons from his father, N.C. Wyeth, during his adolescent years and...

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